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, liftory o /thePuritans, e °amirt'd. 79 In the AdofParliament for the Attainder of the Regicides, Anno I2°. Caroli Secundi Regis, cap. 3o. (which ftigmatizes that horrid Tragedy, acted by a parcel ofMifcreants, as an impious Fait, an execra- ble Murther, and molt unparallel'd Treafon com- mitted upon the facred Perlon of the King) it is de- clared, ' That by the undoubted and fundamental Laws of this Kingdom, neither the Peers of this ' 1Zealm, nor the Commons, nor both together in Parliament, or out ofParliament, nor the People colleEtively or reprefentatively, nor any other Perfon whatfoever, ever had, have, bath, or ought to have any coerceive Power over the Per- ' funs of the Kings of this Realm.' And yet not- withftanding this, Mr. Neal has taken upon him to juftify almoft every Action ofthe Rebels within his Period, as agreeable to the fundamental Laws of the Land ; and has mifreprefented almoft every Fa& in theHiftory of thofe Times, which tends to the Juftification ofthe Royal Martyr, and his Caufe. And I beg of him ferioufly to confider, how far his Taft Book may have contributed towards the raifing ofthat wicked Republican Spirit, which lately diff covered itfelf, in the molt fcandalous, and unpa- rallel'd Abufe of that Day, which was appointed. by AEt of Parliament, to be let apart; ' To implore the Mercy ofGod, that neither the Guilt of that facred and innocent Blood, nor thofe other Sins, by which God was provoked to deliver up both. ' us and our King into the hands of cruel and un_ reafonable Men, may at any time hereafter, be ' vifited upon us, and our Pofterity.' But to digrefs no farther ; our Hiftorian attacks King Charles theFirft, as a Favourer ofPopery, and arbitrary Principles; but with what little Reafon, I hope to convince the Reader from good Authorities, before I have finifhed this Examination. His