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82 Mr. N EA L 's IId Vol. of the Neal, Ibid. Efpecially after his Tourney to Spain where he imbibed not only the pernicious Maxims of that Court, but their refereed and d?ant Behaviour. ExcellentProofindeed ! But in order to have made it more clear, he should have (hewn what thofeper- vicious Maxims were ; and as to his refereed and diftant Behaviour, (had it been fo) 'twould fooner have proved him a Puritan than a Papift. But in this particular, even his favourite Hiftorian Rufh- worth differs from him ; who informs us*, ' That '` the Prince, for his part, had gain'd an univerfal Love, and was reported by all to be a truly No- ' ble and Difcreet and Well-deferving Prince. His ' grave Comportment fuited with the Way and Genius of that Nation ; and he carried it from ' the firif to the laft, with the greareft Áfabiliiy, Gravity, and Conftancy, and at his Farewell, ' with unparallel'd Bounty ; and he left behind hirri ' Gems ofan ineftimable Value for the Infanta, and feveral Grandees.' Neal, p. 155, 156. Upon the Duke's Death, Dr: William Laud then Bifhop of London, became chief Minifier, both in Church and State. [ 156.] Bythe In- tereft of Bifhop Williams, he was fing advanced to a Welíh Boprick, and thence by degrees to the higheft Preferments in Church and State. As to his Prefer, ments in the State, I fhould he glad to be informed What they were; and as to his Afertion'ofBithop Laud's being advanced by Archbifhop Williams, I think it is in forne meafure confuted by Mr. Wharton t. ' In the Life of Archbifhop Williams, wrote by Bifhop Hacket, p. 63, 64. Dr. Laud is tax'dof high Ingratitudeagainft Williams, who is there in a long Relation reprefented as his great ' Benefa6tor, and who particularly gain'd ofKing lames the Bifhoprick of St. David's for him, by * Rufhworth, Vol. I. p. 103. ¡ Preface to Archbithop Laud's Trial andTròúbles, p, 3. his