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Wog of the. Puritans, examin'd his great and rulers Importunity, when the King had determined not to promote him, as unworthy of his Favours, for reafons there expreffed. I queftion not Bifhop Hacket's Veracity, or that Archbifhop Williams did indeed relate it to, him. But then Williams will be found ftrongly to have prevaricated, when he pretended, that Laud ow'd that Preferment to his Kindnefs, and thereupon tax'd him of Ingratitude. For from what is re- ' lated in the following Diary at Tune 29, 1629. it appears indeed, that Williams {tickled hard to gain the Bifhoprick of St. David's for Laud, not out of any Kindnefs to him, but for his own Ends, that fo himfelf might retain the Deanery of We- ' mintier, with the Bifhoprickof Lincoln, (to which he was then nominated ;)which had otherwik flip'd from him, the King having deíign'd to give it to Dr. Laud ; upon the Avoidance of it by the Pro- ' motion ofDr. Williams to theSee ofLincoln. But whatever may in the Matter be alledged againft Dr. Laud ; I am fure no Art or Colour can de- ' fend that bitter Revenge ofArchbifhop Williams, related in this Hiftory, which prompted him to move earneftly in the Houfe ofLords, that the ' Jurifdiaion of the Archbifhopof Canterbury (then a Prifoner in the Tower) might. be fequet er.'d, ' and put in the hands of his inferior Officers; which, by this Importunity he obtain'd, to the great prejudice of the Church, and no (mall in- ' fairy of his Life.' A:nçl * Baftwick, a bitter Enemy to this good Archbifhop, lays, he was preferred to the Bifhoprick. of Landaff, by the Intereft of the Duke of Bucking- ham.: miftaking Landair for St. David's. Neal, p. 163. As a judicious Writer [Rapin] ob- ferves, it feems to have been a Maxim in this, aid the Prxfat. ad Flagell. Pontiicis, &c. LanAavenfèra Prut icatum potent/4 BuckinghAmi; fiffrasio Jacobi offeyxcitatr. G4 lait