Grey - BX9329 G7 1736

88 Mr. NEAL'Sif Vol. of the ` perpetual Vifbility of the Church, the local ` Defcent of Chrifl into Hell, the Lawfulnefs of Images, the Signing with the Sign of the Crofs, ` the real Prefence, the Reward ofgood Works, the ' Terms Sacrifice, Altar, &c. Neal, p. 17o. In what manner the Commons de- figned to profecute this Impeachment is uncertain; for Montague was not brought to his Defence, the Kig having intimated again to the Houle, that their Pro- ceedings againft him, without his leave, was difpleafrg to bim ; That as to their holding him to bail, he thought his Servants might have the fame ProteSion as an or- dinary Burgef, and therefore he would take the Carafe into his own bands : and fowl after he difolved the Parliament. * And yet the Kirg thought fit to call his Book in, declaring, ' That out of his Care to maintain the ' Church in the Unityof the true Religion, and the ' Bond of Peace, to prevent unneceffary Difputes, ' he had lately caufed the Articles of Religion to ' be reprinted, as a Rule for avoiding Diverfities of ' Opinions ; and confidering that a Book written ' by Richard Montague, now Bifhop of Chicbef er, intitled flppello Cæfarern, was the firft Caufe of ' thole Difputes and Differences, which fence have ' fo much troubled the Quiet of the Church, he ' would take away occafion, by commanding all ' Perfons that had any of thofe Books in their hands, to deliver them to the Bifhop of the Diocefe, &c. And if any by preaching, reading or making of Books, pro and contra, concerning thofe unneceffary Queftions, (hail revive the Dit- ' ference, he was refolved to take fuck Order with them, and thofe Books, as they (hall with they * Rufhworth, Vol. I. p. 634. See the Proclamation at large. Pryn's Canterbury's Doom, p. 161. Rymer's Fcedera, continued by Sanderfon, Vol. XIX. p.2.6. had