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Hfloryof the Puritans, exami'd. 87 ' ceffor executed at that time and I believe would t have excepted against the Crucifix, had it flood '. there ; but I remember not any there.' Neal, Ibid. As foon as the Archbifhop had put the Crown upon the King's Head, and performed the other ufual Ceremonies, his Majefty beingfeatedon his Throne, ready to receive the Homage ofthe Lords, Bifhop Laud came up to him, and ufed the following extraordinary Paffage, which is not to be found in former Corona- tions. Stand, and hold fait, that place, to which [whereof hitherto, MSS.] you have been,Heir to the Succefon ofyour Forefathers, . &c. The MSS. Coronation-Book, which the King held in his hand, and which is Hill in being, proves, that the Words were not (poke by Laud, but the Archbifhop*. ' The King is lift up into his Throne by the Archbifhops, and Bifhops, & aliis Reg i Proceribus, and being enthronized therein, the Archbifhop faith ; ftand, and hold fait, that place, whereof hitherto you have been Heir by the Succefilon of your Forefathers, &c.' Neal, p. 169. The Houfes met, Feb. 6. and fell immediately upon Grievances : a Committeefor Religion was appointed, of which Mr. Pym was Chairman, who examined Mr. Montague' Writings, viz, his Gag, his Appeal, and his Treatife for the. Invocation of Saints, out of which they celletyed feveral Opinions contrary to the Book of Homilies, and the 39 Articles, which they reported to the Houle. No doubt but that learned Committee for Reli- gion, ofwhich Mr. Pymwas Chairman, were com- petent Judges of Mr. Montague's Books, and in what particulars they differed from the Homilies, and the 39 Articles. But if we take Heylin's and. Collier's Word for it, force things were cenfured in thofe Books which were not Popifh t. ' The *. mss. Cor. Book, p. 53. St. John's. Library, .Cambridge.. 3 tin's Introd. to cyprianus Anglicus. Collier, Vol,II. p.729; 4 6 .. per-