Grosse - Houston-Packer Collection BT268 .G91 1632

jeafonixtof heart neceffary. - raife our hearts, innoble our fpirits, make us fpiritually he roicall, or we Ihall never build Ierufalem, never labour the advancement of Chrift and his Gofpell ; Chrift t raifedLa.., zarus out of the grave, and then he followed him : Chrift mutt raife our fpirits from their earthlinefff and bafene Ife, or they will never be ferviceable to him : The Spirit of the living creatures warin the wheeles, and they movedwhere the living creatures moved, Chrift mutt put his Spirit into us, I or we ¡hall never follow him, never lecke his honour and the welfare of his Gofpell. 1 t is Paid of Saul when the ' Lord had made him King, that he went home to gibeah, and there h went with him 4 band of men whofe heart godhad touched. God hath fet Chrift his King upon his holy hill of Sion ; but there is no man followes him, no man exalts 1 and honours him as a King, but fuch whofe hearts the Lord doth touch with the graciousfinger ofhis Spirit ; thebale- nefle, cowardlinef e, and earthlineffe of our fpirits muff be put away, and our hearts throughly refined, otherwife we cannot difcerne Chrift, we cannot relhfh Chrift, we cannot love Chrift , we cannot prize Chrift , we can never put our fclves upon the exaltationof Chrift, his Kingdom; and Gofpell ; but when fold things are paft away, and all be- come new ; when we are renewed in the fpirit ofour mind, when the Spirit of God, like Eliahs fiery charet, bath taken us up from the earth, and bath raifed our hearts, thoughts, de- fires, and affections to the things whichare above ; then ¡hall we rej ayce in Chrift and his Gofpell, then !hall we put our fclves and all that wehave upon the fervice of Chrift and the Gofpell ; then (hall we pray for the profperity, welfare, and advancement of Chrifts Gofpell and kingdome ; then {hall we fay, .8leffed is be that commeth in the name of the Lord, K a CHAP. _.