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8z \to fuftaine them, .then they came and bowed themfelves before }ofeph ; and when they called to mind their great trefpaifs against him, then they befought his favour, and were very fubmiffive to him ; Mans fence ofhis owne emp- tineffe drives him to Chrift, and caufth him to vaile and ftoop to Chrift ; to put himfelfe under the feet of Chrif, and readily to exalt and fet up Chrift ; fc1Eè_opinion, ignorance of mans want of Chrift , and the Gel jell , is a great impediment to our betting up of Chrift and his king- dome. + Elevation of 4. Elevation and railing of the heart of man to a holy, the heart to a fpirituall and noble frame and temper. The heart ofnían na fpirituall tern- turally is very bale, carnali, and earthly, delighting like . per the fwine in the mire and mud of the world , relliihing a Icr.zz. and favouring nothing but that which is a worldly and flefhly ; his fpirit is very low and ignoble, and his high- eft aime is but to afcend .fome mole-hill or mountaine of b Luk.i S, the earth ; like the prodigal!, he is a companion of (vine, and feeds on the huskes of worldly vanities, his long- ings like the befotted Ifraelites, is after the onyons and flefh-pots of Egypt, poore things, unworthy and empty c Dal a, things . of the earth : Man like Neyuch. dnezzäzs image, how ever deckt with gold and flyer, authority and domi- nion , and glorious in outward appearance to the world ; yet his feet are. Iron and clay, his thoughts, his affedioas, the motions, and goings of his heart are verybafanddi- fhonourable : The fpirit of man mutt be therefore fubli- d bias. ;. mated and refined by Chrift,. the great d refiner ofthe foule. Mans droffe and tin muff be purged out, theearthineffe and bafeneffe of his fpirit mull betaken away, arid manendow- ed with a more fairituall , fiblìme, and noble difpofition,- and temper offoule, or he can never intend Chrift , exalt Chrift and his Gofpell. It is recorded in Eera that the chiefe of the fathers rofe up with all them srhofe fpirits God had, railed to goe up to build the houfe of Cod in Ierufalem : First God railed their hearts, put wiIlingnefl'e, alacrity, en- largement, upenneffe, and courage into their hearts to doe the worke, and then they went to build. Thus Godmutt raife Innobling mans heart. eEzra z.f: