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Chrif$ comes inGods name. Sc loved Son in whom I amwell ',leafed. In refpeL`f of the 4 Duet, inc. I do5trine which he taught, no private, nor humane do&rine, but the doarineof God his Father. 1 am come (faithChriff) in my Fathers P name, declaring his truth , and feeking his Y IONS 43' glory, and ye receive me not, if another fha!! come in hú urge name, preaching his owne invention, exalting and magni- fying himfelfe ; him ye will receive, to him ye will adhere, him you will admire and adore. And againe elfewhere, I have not 9 fpoken of my felfe (faith Chriff) but the Father 11°11'11.49. which fens me ; he gave me a commandment what I fhould s °' fay, and what I fhould fpeake ; and I know that his coat- I mandement is life everlaffing ; whatfoever I fpeake there- fore even as the Father faid unto me, fo fpeake I. S. In re- 5Benedi«ior. fpea of benedillion, Chrift is come in thename oftheLord, i accompanied with the fulneffe of all blefling from God : In thy fed (faid God to e.46rahanm , fpeaking of Chrift ) fball all the ksndreds of the earth be r blefed, unto you first rA&3.ts,26. faith Peter, God having raifed up his fon Jefits fent him to bleffe you, in turning away every one of you from his ini- eluities ; and God ( faith Saint Paul) bath blefled us with EpFì s.3. all fpirituall bleedings in heavenly_places in Chrif. 6. In 6 End. refped of the end which Chrift propofed to himfelfe, his Fathers glory ; he came in the name of the Lord,not fee- king his owne, but his glory who fait him. I f eke not mine oWne f glory (faith Chriff) I honour my Father, ifI ho- IIoh,S So, 54, nour my felfè , my honour is nothing. And thus Chrift came in the name of the Lord ; ordained, prepared, called of the Lord, declaring his Fathers will, accompanied with the fulneffe of his Fathers- blefling, intending and fee- king his Fathers glory : The whole [hewing, ihat, Chrift fornifbed with authority and all divine abilities to LoEt. minifter all peace and falvation to gods firvants. 7 his was tipyfied in t7ofeph ; yofeph was fent of his father to vifit bis r Gen.; 7.13. brethren in the wildernefíe Chrift was fent of God his Mä`'9',s Father to vifit mankinde, finfdlly {fraying in the wildernef e of the world ; 7ofeph was fet over the whole landof Egypt, andover the Kings houfe, by `Pharaoh King of Egypt. yo- 1 1 feph was furnifhed with wifedome, underifanding, and the K 3 Spirit