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86 Chrißs ntäni:fterfa!v/ttion. i3eb.2. s4., Spirit of God to rule the people, and with all the flora and fulneffeOf Egypt,tomin.Ber to the necefl'itiesof the ple. Chrift is fet by God his father, the King of Kings, over the whole " tnorld fn generall, over the w Church of God in fpeciall ; Chrift is furnifhed with x treafsrre:r ofall wifedome, to guide the people ; and with all divine and heavenly Y fulneffe'to minifter to the feverall 'neceiliti s of Gods fervants, to fill them with all fpirituall fulneff:. This was _ alto figured in fofttah. fofrt6t6 was confirmed in leis calling by the dividing of the waters in Iordan,. at the pretence of the Arke, therein, Chrift was con- firmed in his. calling by the opening of the heavens, and the Spirit defeending in the forme of a Dove upon him, when he was baptized in Iordan ; c..Mafei being dead, Yófbasah-was made the Captaine of Gods people, Mofi lea- ding them to the land, 7o/h,mh entring them in the land ; the Law ceiling, and the Ceremonies thereof vanifhing. Chrift is appointed the Captarne of' Gods Chnreh and peo- ple, the Law leading to Chrift, Chrift by his death and conqueft, "giving men entrance into the heavens. yg7yab overcame the enemies of Ifael, and going before them, brought them into the land of Canaan, allotting to each one their portion : Chrift hath overcome the enemies of his Church, and is afeended into heaven before us, there toprepare for all the Lords fervants : -It is not. the Law, but Chrift that minifters falvation to the Lords people: Chrift Iefus is the authour. of our fpirituall conqueft, there is no way fir man to heaven, but onely by Chrift, who came from heaven :.Chrift is the Iaeógs ladder, by whom God defends to us in his grace, and through whom we afcend to God. by our. faith. This was likewife typified in `David, 'aridwas anointed "Kin; and 'Ruler over If- racl, Chrift is anointed .Ding andRuler over Gods Church. David delivered Ifraell from the great Goliah, he flew him with his owne weapon, Chriff overcame the infrnallGo- liah the Devil!, and brought deliverance to Gods chafen Chrift by a death, Satans weapon, deftroyed him that had the .power of dçazh : Thepowtr of all oppofers is meerc weak-