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Cbrifts impletaon, 89 querour above the captives he is exalted above all the Saints of God, as the head above the members, as the King above the fubjcds, as the bridegroome above the bride : He is r, fet at the right hand of God, an exaltation whereof "Heb,T.3. no meere creature is capable. Chrifis Majelly, dignity,glo- ry, and exaltation, cloth even infinitely furpaffethe dignity and honour of man and Angell ; "He is ngade higher then o H b,y,z r. the heavens, others afcend into heaven, have their dwel- ling in heaven ; but Chrifl is made higher then the hea- vens, being God and man in one perfon, having an exal- tation above all Saints and Angels, the inhabitants ofhea- ven, all that is in heaven and in the earth being put under him, Chril}s fitting in his Fathers throne. Chrifis exalta- tion above all creatures fully declared his ability to favehis chofen from all evils. 3.. In regard of Chrifls impletion andfilling of all, He af- 3 Implccian, cended farre above all heavens that he might F fillall things : ? Eph.4.1 o. Chrifi filleth all things with his power, and common and generall operation, as the Sunne fils all the earth with his influence ; with his abfolute authority and dominion, as a King fils his kingdome. with his commongifts and mer- cies ; as the Mailer of the houfe fils all the perfons ofthe houfe ; Chriff filleth the Devils and damned men withhis juflice, wrath, vengeance, but he filleth. his Church and children with his ordinances, as a teacher fils his fchoole with books and rules of infirdtion , as a nurfe fils the childe with her breaos, and the Mailer of the fcafi his guefis with food ; thefe he filleth with kaowledge,as the Sun the aire with light ; with fpirituall life, fence and motion, and allheavenly graces,as the head the members, as the root the branches, as the Sun the flarres ; tweet and comfortable, ex- cellent andgracious is that fulnef'e which Chrifl minifiers to his members, and by his filling of his faithfitll fervants, . he verefies his Fathers million and preparation of him to accomplifh mans falvation. 4. In regard of hid propofsng ofhis Father: glory, and refer- 4. Propofing ring all to his Fathers praife, as the fupreme and ultimate Gods glory. end ofall his fèrvice and undertakings ; an ingenuous fon pre