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88 Chrifisauthority and ability to fave. Chrifis power,exaltatien. Luk.4a6i4, us, to be honourably entertained by us. Saint Luke, a"sof a 'Phjfstian font tu heale us, as of a ranfomer rent to"free us, and to reftore fpirituall liberty to us. And Saint Pawl faith ¡Gal.4.435, plainly, When the fulneffe of time was come, t GodPent forth hie fonne made of a woman, made under the Law, to redeeme Col.z;9 them that were under the Law, that we might receive the adop- tionof fons,andin himdwe/leththe fulneffe of the godheadbodily, attd he filletteallin all. And the authority, calling, preparation and fulnefh of Chrifis abilities to five us is very manifeft. 4.Grounds of r In regard of the power communicated unto Chrift as Chrtt!s audio- Mediator. All parer both in heaven and in earth is given city and abili- unto him ; power of vivification, he quickneth whom he ty to minifhr talvadon. will, as he raifed Lazarus out of the grave; , powerofillu- r.Yowur, mination, he openeth, and no man lhutteth, as he opened the eyes of hire that was borne blind ; power of fanaifi- cation, he purgeth away all finne, as he cleanfed thelepro- fie from the unclean power of remiion, as Lord and King he forgiveth iinne., he blotteth out finne as the Sun the cloud ; power ofpacification, as he appealed the winds, and waters power of adminiffration, as the high Steward of Gods family,. the fupreme Pilot over the (hip, which is the Church of-God, as the great Centurion over the Lords army, and chiefe Juflice in Gods Kingdome ; power of firb__ iasgatión, calling downe and breaking in piecesall oppofing forces, as the ¡lone out of the mountaines bunt Nebuch4d nezzars Image ; power of protedion anddü4entatiou in all troubles, as Noahs -Arke fultained him in the deluge, and Chrifl fife guarded the three children in the fiery furnace. The miraculousand mighty asof Chrift& power are cleare and manifèft declarations of his calling and cominiflïon, and of his ability to in inifber iÄ lvation. 2. In regard of Chrifis exaltation. He is exalted above all in Principalities, he is exalted above all the common crea- tnres, as the Creator and workman above the worke, as the Lord above his love íï:rvants ; he is exalted above all .6kArn ,gels, as the Prince above the.No1.FS, as the fon above the attendants,; he is exalted above all devils, as the Con- q-icrour