Grosse - Houston-Packer Collection BT268 .G91 1632

92 Salvationby (bra death defiroyod the Devill that had the power of death, and delivered them who through feare of death Were all their life time fubjeEt to bondage : Chrift is the furety that payes mans debt, he gave himfelfe a ranfome for man, whom all the world could not redeerne ; Chrift is the fountaine purging the fume of mans foule , none of the rivers of I)amafcus, only Jordan cleanfed the leprole of of Naaman ; neither man nor Angell, only the Lord Jefus can purge away mans uncleanneffe : Chrftts righteonfneffe is the roabe which co- {vers us, and makes us appeare juft in Gods prefence : 7a- I cob obtained the blefling not in his owne, but in his el- Ider brothers appareil : Man is accepted of God, ob- taines the bleffing of pardon and peace, not through his owne but through the rightecufneffe of Chrift ; Chrift is the treafüre and ftore-houfe which filleth man, all the gar- ners 7n the land of' Egypt were empty onely ,ofeph had provifion for them ; all the foules of men are empty, on- ly thrift filleth aff is aff : Chrift is the Prince of mans peace, and Authour of mans reconciliation with God. Io- fephs brethren being fhepheards were an abomination to the Egyptians ; but by Iofephs meanes they came nigh to 'Pharaoh, and found favour with him : Man by reafon of his finne is an abomination to the Lord, but through Chrift he commethonigh to God, and finds fweet and gracious acceptance of God ; and thus as in a glaffe we feeali the caufes of mans falvation and eternall happinrile derived, and flowing from and through Chrift Iefus.,, God mini- firing ail his fulnefle unto man by Chrift, and accepting man and all his holy fervice in Chrift ; he that looks be- fide or beyond Chrift for falvation , looks beyond the fountaine for water to refrefh him, beyond the Sunne for light to guide him, and beyond the 'rocke for a founda- tion to fupport him ; he that layes not firme and fure hold on Chrift , never meets with fweet, with fore and ever- 'ailing peace ; he that truly embraceth Chrift, may un- doubtedly perfwade himfelfe of his falvation ; heitath a Qnide of infinite wifedome to direa him, a rocke of invin- cible ftrength to fuftaine him, a rich and royall roabe of abfolute