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Evil ofhumane inventions in Cods worfhip. 93 abfolute purity to cloath and cover bin, ; à C'onquerour cf infuperable power to fubdue all that Both oppofe him ; an 'Advocate ofnever failing intercellion, to take off all the accufations which are brought againft him ; and a fiery Charet to carry him through all difficulties, to fweet and everlafting reft in the higheft heavens. Chrifts comming in his Fathers naine, Chrifts authority Danger of and ability to minifter falvation makes manifeft their folly ilepping out and vanity, their pride and infolency, who leaving Chrift Fu3nehi track and the rules which he hath given,, the lawes of divine lions.. worship Which he hath prefcribed, betake themfelves to Nils hereof. humane traditions, and felfe-inventions, teachingand recel- I z.Dero;atory ving for doctrines the commandements of men a praftife to Chrifts Au- i. very derogatory to the Authority anddominionof Chrift thor ty who is the King of the Church, whofe voice aloneought to be heard in the Church of God , who is fet over the houfe of God, and ought to be obferved as the Lord and Mailer of' the houfe by thewhole family offaith, andhour (hold of God, who is' exalted above the Church, as the head above the members,. as the husband above the Spoufe. Doth not a Subjects receiving of Lawes from' a forraine Prince much derogate from the authority of his owne So- veraigne ? Doth not a fervants receiving direction from another man in his fervice annihilate his Matters juris- diction ? Doth not a. wives conforming her to the pre- fcription ofa franger, obfcure and darken', and even dif anùll the authority of her husband ? And what elfe doe the embracers of forraine and frange inventions, but deny and difanull the jurisdiftion and dominion of Chrift ? Doth. not our. Saviour fay to fuch , You have made the Commande- ment of god of none eec`t through your traditions. The ob- £ervation ofmens devices in Gods fervice is a tranfgreflion of Gods precepts. He that thinks tohonour andpleafe God by thrufing upon God his owne devifes, in fead of ho- pouring and pleating him, cloth very highly difhonour and provoke him : No man Both further honour Chrift , then E. Argues great he conformes himfelfe to the Law and rule of Chrift. pride and plc-I 2. This alfo argues much pride and prefumption in man, fumptian. who