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94 ;.DiCpa aáe- mcurof Chntls wifcdomc. 4 Perillous to che Coale. u.Ifa. Evillof humane inventions in rodsworjbip, whobut a proud Subic&will take upon him to give a Law to his Soveraigne how he (hall be obeyed ; who but an info- lent fervant will take upon him to prefcribe to his Lord and Mailer how he (hall be f rved ; and whobut a proud foule durit take upon him to give a Law unto his God how he shall be adored ; who but the great Mailer of humane traditions fitteth in the Temple of' God as God, and exalts himfelfe above all that is called God : The moil fuperftitious are the proudest of all perlons, their very hu- mility is ambition who have a fdirit of fuperflition over- fwaying them ; they adore themfèlves and not Chriui, who negleft the rule which Chrift path given, and wor- fhip after their owne invention : His fervant man is to whom he obeyes ; he that worships according to a rule of his owne framing ferves himfelfe and not God ; in (lead of obeying God he becomes a Law-giver unto God. 3 .This doth much impeach and difparage the perfelíion of Chrifts and the fuficiency of theScriptures. If therebe light enough in the Sunne what needs a candle ? If all tit, treafures of wifedome be hidden in Chrift, and h s word able tomake man wife unto falvation, what need or ufe in this behalfe of mans invention ? addition ever fuppofech imperfe6tion. 4. This is very perillour to the foules of men. He that leaves Chrift and his word, and applyes himfelfe to tradition, like the foolifh man in the parable, he leaves the rock¿e, and builds upon the fand, which will finke under him he for- fakes the firme pillar , and leanes upon a withered reed, which will pierce him ; he goes from the living fountaine to the broken ciflerne wherein is no water to refrefh him; he refufeth the wheat, and feeds upon the chaffywhich will choake him; herejecteth the vine, the Olive, and the Fig- tree, and addreflèth himfelfe to thebramble which will nor :feed nor (helter him, but fcratch and pricke, goare and torture him. Humane obfervations like the foolifh Virgins Lamps are empty, there is no light in them : Like the Tree in the Gofpell which had leaves and no fruit ; there are no trees of Gods planting, no good fruit groweth on them , no bleffing, but a curfe attends them : Thefe like the