Grosse - Houston-Packer Collection BT268 .G91 1632

Enjoyment, of Chrift in the G°spit aTweetpoffefon, and heire of thy celeftiall and everlafting kingdome ; and caufeft to approach unto thee, calling him by thy word, to be a fcholler in thy fchoole, a member of thy Church and of tl,y Chrift, a partaker of thofe benefits , gifts and gra- ces which thou difpenftft by thy ordinances; a dueller in thy Coura, converfant in that Congregation, where hemay heare thy voice, learne thy will , embrace thy truth, and his foule have intereft and acquiefcence by faith in thy promifes ; and be ratified with the goodneffe of thy houfe ; with the heavenly mnyteries there opened, with the gifts and graces there difpenfed, as the eye is fätisfied with the Sunne, as the palate is fati,Ffied with the fountains, and the hungry itomacke witl t e full feaft fet before it ; and this the Lord promifeth and propofeth as a great bleffmg to the people, as an anker in the florme to furtaine and fray them, as a feaft in the famine to feed them, as a light in the darknefre to revive and folace them , as an anfwer and recompence to all their tryals, troubles and difafters : The people (faith the Lord) ¡hall dwell in Sion at ?erufalem, they (hall returne from their captivity and bondage, and (hall enjoy the houfe of God, the facred affembly, andhis ordinances ; thou Jhalt weep no more, the forrow of thy cap- tivity, exiletnent, and eftrangement from the houfeofGod (hall be taken away ; The Lord will be very gracious unto thee, at the voice of thy cry; When he ¡hall heare it he will an- fwer thee ; and though the Lordgive you the dread ofadverfity, 4nd the water of afflic`lion , though he bring you into many ftraights, and great diftreffs, yet 'ball not thy I teacher' be removed into a corner any more, bat thine eyes /hallfee thy teachers, and thine eare' ¡hall heart a word behindthee, Paying, this is the way Walk ye in it : The having of Gods ordi- nances is a ble(fìng fweetning the molt difafrrouseftate of Gods people. The prefence of the Gofpell rninifrers fweet confolation to Gods children , in the greateft afrïiaion; better is the eftate ofman in the enjoyment of the labours of Gods Minifters in the abfence of all worldly abilities, then in the prefence of all worldly fulneffe, the LordsMi- nifters being frrangers ; great is the bleffedneffe of that L 4 people Ie; ao,