Grosse - Houston-Packer Collection BT268 .G91 1632

Itó Chrigtmans Life. holinetrr to uncleannelfe, from liberty to bondage, from 1 honour to ignominy, from fulnefír to emptineflr, frompure and perfeEt Religion to corrupt and carnali fuperftition : He is wholly gone downe from ferufalem to Jericho, from the participation of all grace, from all intereft in God, and from all Communion and acquaintance with God, into the fervitude of corruption and confortfhip with the world : The finne of man bath caft him from the top and crowne of the choifeft glory, into the gulfe and finke of the fou- left and bafeft mifery. The man in the parable fell among tbeeves Which gripped bim of his rayment, and Wounded him, leavin him helfe dead : Man is fallen among three great theeves, the Devill, finne, and the world ; and thefe have (tripped man of' all his fpirituall rayment ; thefe havetaken all grace and holineffe from man, which once covered him, like a rich and coftly garment ; and they have alfo woun- ded, and left man halfe dead in his very naturall abilities. The fall of man bath totally ftript him ofall graceand ho- lineffe, and alto given a mortali wound to his morali and na- turall faculties. Hee that abides not with God at Jerutà- lcm , makes himfelfe a prey to finne, the Devill, and the world. There came a ¶l'rieg and a Levite palling by, and looking upon the man thus ftript and wounded , but neither of them bad compaffron upon him, neither of them miniftred any confolation, nor lent an allifting hand unto him :Nei- ther the Prieft, nor the Levite, neither the Morall,nor Ce- remoniall Law , can deliver tinfull man from Satans bon- dage, nor healehis wounded confcience ; neither the works of the one, nor the Rites and Ceremonies of the other, can reftore man to his originali happineffe, nor juftifiehim in Gods prefence. Mans belt abilities and all-humane devifes are miferablecomforfers tofinfull andperplexed foules in their anguish. Though the Prieft and the Levite had no compafíion up- on him, yet there came a Samaritanwhich had compafíìon upon him ; though the Law Phew no pitty , nor minifter no comfort to wounded foules , and afßiaed confciences; i yet