Grosse - Houston-Packer Collection BT268 .G91 1632

Chrif ti ttianJ Comorter,helper,.ind pappinefj'e. 119 yet the LordJefus communicates both great and fweet mer- cies to broken hearted (inners. The Samaritan , a man from whom this diitreffed man could not expert any mer- cy, had compaflion upon him, and helped him. Chrift is become the Authour of mans comfort and falvation, beyond. all humaneand Angelical thought,conceit or imagination;the wifedome , worke, and love of God in providing a Savi- our for diltre«ed finners, was farre above the reach and comprehenfion of all creatures : The Samaritan bound up this poore mans wound, and poured in wine and oyle; the Lord Jefus binds up the broken-hearted, and gives theoylc of joy for mourning to them whofe foules are truly hum- bled ; the Samaritan fet the man upon his owne beaft. Chrift communicates his owne honour to the penitent and broken-hearted finner ; finne is the cage of mansdejedi- on, Chrift is the Authour of mans exaltation ; the Sama- ritan brought this diftreffed man to an Inne, and tooke care for him, gave two pence to the Hoaft, charged him to take care ofhim, and promifed payment of whatfoever he íhould fpend more: The Lord Jefus brings perplexed foules to Godas to their fpirituall Hoaft, and to the minifteryof the Gof' pell, as to an Inne full of fpirituall provifion, gives his lvii- nifiers the two Teftaments, the Law and the Gofpell, out of them to minifter to the foules of his people, and char- geth them as the minifteriall Hoaft of poore and perplexed foules, to make all neceffary and plentifull provifion , and in the end by his merits, his aEtive and paffive obedience, his tWo great pence, he difchargeth the debt of all penitent and beleeving finners. The whole of a finfiill and grieved foules happineffe Howes from the Lord Jefus; all the fupply of mans want and emptineffe is derived from thrifts fuper- abundant fulneffe. All the myrrh and odours, and inftruments of Reiter' pu- rification , and all her rich and coftly appareil were given her out of the b Kings boufe, and the royallcroltne Wasput upon ber head br the Kings hand. All the purity and perfection, all the righteoufnefle and juftification all the dignity and excellency of a holy and gracious foule is drawne from Chrift, ' bHefi.a, t ?,r7. Chnß the Au- thour of rnaas; welfare. JI