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124 z Cor S. i S. nRom.6, r 3. `Doing of allfor Chris`, foule, if any man will come after me, in the knowledze of my will, in the beleefe of my promifes, in the love of my truth, and in the 'obedience of my precepts :Let him deny himfelfe, Let him lay afide his owne wifedome as an empty lamp, his owne will as an evill commander, his owne ima- gination as a falfe rule, his owne affeRions as corrupt coun- fellors, and his owne ends as bafe and unworthy marks to be aymed at ; let him deny himfelfe whatfoever isof felfe, within himfelfe , or belonging to himflfe as a cor- rupt and carnali man ; let him goe out of himfelfe, that he may come to me let him empty himfelfe of himfelfe, that he may be capable of me, that I may raigne and rule within him , that he may wholly fitbjecí himfelfe to me and my fervice ; there is no true following of Chrift and his example, no through fubjeaion to Christ and his pre- cepts, without the den all of our felves and our affections, without the rejeftionofourowne ends and counfels; this the Apoftle Riles I a living not unto our felves, but unto him that dyedfor us ; not to live unto our felves, by following our owne imaginations , not to ferve our owne lufts and affè- dions, not to terminate our felves within our felves, by feeking our owne applaufe and profit, by making our felves the Lords and Mafters of our fervice, ferving our Selves, and not the Lord Jefus ; but to live to Chrift, to doe all in love and obedience unto Chrift, to referre all to thepraife and glory of Christ : It is a very bafe and carnali fervice which doth ndt primarily intend the Lord Jefus ; furely he h farre from the life of Chrift, that doth not live to Chrift ; that mans life is of a bafe, corrupt, and earthly original!, the energy, operation, and intendment ofwhofe living is not to exalt and make Chrift glorious ; he alone truly underftands the end of Chrifts death, that makes Chrifts glory the end of his life ; and thus runs the charge of the Apofile to the Romanes, w Toddyourfelves untogod as, thole, that are alive from the dead, and jour members as infrumens of righteoufnef fe unto Clod. Yeeld your felves to God, as fouldiers to their Captaine,as fervants to their Ma- fter, to fight for God, to worke for God, to doe all for Gods