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`'arnality andbarnef je ofAfans Aweends. _.! ___ .. Gods glory ; let every faculty of the foule, and member of the body, even whatfoever belongs unto you be dedicated unto God, and imployed in the workeend fervice of God; that f rvìce which is not univ;rfall is; hypocriticall ; he' alone is a perfeet frvant, that puts the whole man upon the .frvice of the Lord, as all the rivers ,r1 come from the u P_ 1 .I.4. fea, and returne, and empty thesnfelìes into the Pa : Thus muff we returne to God and empty our felves , and all that we have into God , proftrate it all under Gods feet, and put it all upon the fervice of the Lcrd ; c s Mofes C left not a hoofe behind him in Egypt, but carried all out, that he might fcrif ce to the L o. cl of whatfoever the Lord would I have ; thus, we muff not love a hoofe ofour heatts,thoughts, i loves, &fires behind us upon finue, and the world, but take ofall, and f:?crifice all to God and his f rvice ; we muff with the Saptift be willing to decreafe that Chriff may pIoh.;. ;o. increafe, to become vile, and ofno effeemewith men, that Chrift may be exalted ; we muff with the :v;acedonians, ggi:ve. our 'elves to the" Lord. We muff give ourunder/tan- dings to know God, cur %is to chufc God, our imagina- ti,:ns to thinke upon God, our memories toremembert.od, our affetlions to feare, trrff, love, and rejoycc inGod, our tares to heare Gods word, our tongues to fpeakeGods pra;f, our hands to worLe for God, and all our fubftance to the honour of 'od. I25 o Exod.xo,26. q 2 Cor,a.s,' CHAP. III, A Nd a holy and gracious Chriffian dotti thus deny him- felfe, and put himfelfe and all that he hath under Chrrf, - q . In regard of that carnality, vanity , bareneffe , earthli- ne(fe, unuorthinefe, corruption, anduncleannefe, which hefees, 4 Grounds of 3elt.deuyall, i.Selfyanity.,