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I 3 C i King 1.4o. dRom 14.17 e,z Sana.6.1 q r s. if I Sam.I 1,I S Aequiefcence in Chrifts ay- prob:iuän, g Itom.2.Ig, `Defire to exalt Chrifl. rod in the Sanctuary : fo doth a godly man long to fee 1, the power and glory of Quilt in his foule ; to behold him raigning in his heart : In the day of Solo,osonr coronation the cpeople piped with pipes, and rejoyces With great soy , fo that the earth rung with the found thereof : In the day of Chrifts coronation, and reigne in the foule of man, the heart of man rejoyceth with exceeding great joy, Chrifls dominion is a holy foules rejoycing, the k,inods ne of Godin righteoufneffe andpeace, and a joy in the HolrÇhofl, It was the care, labour , and joy of David to bring the Arke of the Lord into the Tabernacle, in that day David e danced before the Lord with all his might, and all the houle of' Ifrael brought up the Arke of the Lord With fhoyting and with the found ofa trumpet, andfit it in the midd cftheTa- 6ernacle, Thus it is the care, labour, and comfort of the whole man that is godly, to set up Chrill in the midil of his foule, to fee him reigning in his underflandinl; as the San in the eye; guiding in his will, as a Prince comman- ding it; in his imagination, as the obiea onwhich he thin- keth with moil frequency, delight and comfort; in his trufl, as the only roche whereonhe buildeth ; in his fear; as the King of Kings, whom he chiefly reverenceth and in his love, as an husband in the love of the wife: fo powerful' and operative is this delire, labour, and joy of a gracious foule, touching the exaltation, reigne, and rule of Chrift within it ; that as the people would have all the men put cto death which would not have Saul reigne over them fo doth fuch a man mortifie all his lulls which oppofè , Chrifts kingdome,remove whitfoever mayhinder Chrifts fpi- rituall dominion, and makes all vaile, and (loop for Chrifls exaltationwithin him. 6. In regard of a gracious foules acyuiefcense and contene Cation with the approbation of Chrifl : In this it pleafeth, in this it bleifth, delighteth, and fatisfieth it felfe , whatfo- ever it hath befìdes it, this is in Head of all, as theSun is to the eye in (lead ofall lights, and the fountaine to the thirfly in flead ofall bottles ; the approbation of Chrill is of very great price with a true Chriflian ; his g praisee not the