Grosse - Houston-Packer Collection BT268 .G91 1632

¶efsre to exult Chrift, i. 29 over all the twines, members , and goods of his houfc, and difpofeth all to his fervice ; Chrift rules over all the faculties of the foule, members of the body, and difpofeth all the endowments and doings ofa Chriftian to his owne fervice, and for his owne honour : Here Chrift rules as the u Eph. x.zo. v head over the body , a6ting , moving , guiding, and fra- ming the whole man, to a holy, humble, and free fubje- dion Here Chrift reignes as a w Centurion in his army, Mat,L8. and as thefervants of the Centurion did goeand come at his command, and doc whatfoever he bad them : Thus all the faculties of the fòule, and members of the body ofa true Chriftian ,-are at the command of Chrift; receiving their dire.tion and commiffion from Chrift, doing every thing in fubjection and obedience to Chrift : Thus the Pfalmift fpeaking of Chrifts kingdome, faith, X in the day of thy po- xPfal.ito, ;, wer, when Chrift fhould reigne by his Gofpell andSpirit y Pfal.yz.9, in the foules of men, the people Jhould be willing, free, ready, and full in their fubje Lion unto Chrift, ,sndhis r enemiesfkould bow before him, and licke the duit- ; fuch as were enemies, rebellious,; and difobcdient in their unregeneration, fhould after their .converfion bow themfelves, and.licke the dull, acknowledge and receive Clarift as their Lord and King, and in very great humility "fubjeft and proftrate both them- febes and all theirs to him, and his fervice ; for as flhner entring into Covenant with David, and taking 'David for z Sam Nais King, undertooke to ?bring about all IfraeluntoDavid, . 3. Thus the.foule .entring into Covenant withChrift,and taking Clarift for its King,brings about all to Chrift, and puts all in fubjeionunder Chrift. 5. In regard of the hol and fervent delre of a reracioue foule to exalt' and fee up (hrifl This is the prime labour, joy and comfort of a godly foule, to fee and feele Chrifts kingdome within him, to fet up Chrift in his heart , and to difcerne him ruling and commanding there, asa King in his Throne, as a Pilate in the (hip ; this is his. fuite and á, fupplìcation unto God, that Chriffs a kingdome may `eome, , that Chrift may reigne and rulewithin him, as ')avid fome times thlrfted, and longed to fee the b power and glory of b N 3 gad S.Defìre to ex- alt ChriR.