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Inordinate diiiofition,to the Creature. thereof: ,Ta thefe- they are _bound, and cannot put them- felves into Chars f rvice , they cannot take upon ther? Chrrfts yoke ; thefe overfst ay man as a lover is overfwayed by his love : Man is very indulgent to them as `David to Abfalom, and as he charged the Captaines of his armiesto deale gently "with the young man Abfalom : fo man is eery loath to have his Inks roughly handled he wifhes that all the Prophets would prophetic frnooth things and deceits ; and as the harlot in Solomon caufed the young man with her much faire i'-Beech to yeeld, and forced him with the flattering of lier lips , fo- that he went after her asean oxe goeth to the (laughter : Thus dad! lofts with their fl'at:e- ries, and flefhly-feeming fweetneffe, and bewitching elo- quence doe make the foule yeeld and follow them , and as ftrange love in a wife takes away her matrimoniali love -f ona her husband, and makes her rcgardleffe of h m , and difbedient to him : Thus the indal.gency and loveof raan to his lulls takes away his love from Chri;i , makes him reg .rdlef e of Chrift , and rebellious againfc (Ira : Thcfe hilts overfway man as a, dfafe overfwayes the body, di ftempers the palate, deftroyes the appetite, and makes the meat diftaftefull and irkfome : Thus doe thefe Tufts diftem- per the foule, and make Chrift and his word the bread of life and food of the foule unpleafant , the very favour of death unto death. There is no poilibility of felf-denyall and. fubjcfhon unto Chrift as long as the foule is overfwayed by any carnatllufts ; the dominion of Pinne, ancffubjecion unto Chrift are incompatable, and inconfìftent ; n bncr could not ferve Daviduntill he denied his fervice and obedi- ence to the pouf: of Saul. 3 An inordinate di.F ofition of the heart toward the Crea- tare. The heart cf man is inordinate towards thecreature, in his opinion and judgement cf the creature, judging it to be ftrong as a mountame, when it is ìveake as the fand, to be full as the Sea, when it is empty as abroken cifterne,' to be noble and honourable, when i, is bafe and full of thraldome , to be permanent as the Sunne, when it vani-! fheth like a meteor : The heart of man is inordinate about the 137 PrOV;741,2L q ICa.4.4. 11°11,7..15. ;.Inordinate ddpofition to- ward the crea- ture,