Grosse - Houston-Packer Collection BT268 .G91 1632

138 Inordinate diïofition to Creature, the creature, in his thoughts, ofits filling it felfe with d;flra- eting and perplexing thoughts about it,makinghis bed a bed of thornes whereon he cannot fleep ; theheart ofman is in- ordinate about the creature, in his purfirit of it , purfuing it as the choifefl and moa defirable obj:ff, in his croft in it, building on it as a rocke that never finketh, in his /rye to it, his heart going after it, as the heart ofthe adulterer after the harlot, in the price he puts upon ir, prizing it above Chrifl, as the men of Shechem did thebramble above the vine, in his furrow for the Joffe of it, as Micah grie- ved as a man undone for the lo% of his I doll, and in the promues he makes unto himfelfe from it, promifing him- felfe like the rich man in the parable, fulneffe ofall peace, and contentment from his worldly abundance; and judging of Gods love towards him , according to that outward abundance which God beflowes upon him ; the heart of man being thus inordinately difpofed towards the crea- ture, he cannot deny the creature, he cannot come fully and freely off from the creature,, and fubmit himfelfe to r Iudg.u. Chrifls Scepter ; the Elders of r Gilead came not toyep- rim, made him not their head, untill they faw their owne and Ifraels weakneffe, Man never comes to Chrifl, never makes Chrifl his head, never truly and throughly fubjetis himfelfe to Chrifl, untill he fees both his owne and the creatures weakneffe , emptineffe, and unworthi- neffe. 4. An over-piercing of man. Man is very prone toover- prize man, the favour and countenance of man, the fociety and fellowship of man, the praife and applaufe of man : Thefe are chaises and fetters which bind and imbondage mari to man, and make man the 1fervant of man, flatterers and admirers of vaine man , companions in evill with fin- fúll man , inordinate haunters after the approbation and applaufe of idle man, doing many thingscontrary toChrifl, for the winning and retention of this ; he that is ambiti- ous of the favour, fellowship, and praife ofmen, can never folace and fatisfie himfclfc with the favour and approba- tion ofChrift ; he cannot fubjec4 himfelfe to Chrifl, and make 4.Over-prizing man. 1a Cor.7,z4,