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I40 c Catú.I.;. dlfa,S3,1. e z Sam, v5. J'ICa.g;,z. ICa.zç.6.,z3. i i Per.1.7,8. k Mac. a 9.z9. ßMat.t3.4o. >m Can4.9. . _ C.2/Ìif611Zin? of aril?. fwecter then c seine, and better then life , their foules are not married to C:hriít, Chrift is not brought into thecham- ber of their hearts as the bridegrcome into the chamber of the bride, but Rands afarre off, as a stranger whole love they know not, they difcerne not the d beauties ofChrist, they fee no comelineífe in him, they doe not fee him is his ordinances fnining as a Sunne, fiveetly and glorioufly triumphing as a King his beauties are hidden from their eyes,. they judge of Chrift as Samuel did of the formes of yet, according to the c outward appearance, they diuierne not _the fatlnefJ'e of Chrift, he fames to them a >' dry tree, their foules never found any fatisfa&ietn in him, he is a Pealed well whereof they never dranke, and,ahiddeöanna of whom they did never eats they difcerne not the dfjen- faetions'ofChrist, they fuppofe that he diípehfth nothing but forrowes, feares, terrours, and 'anguith to the foules of men, whereas he difpeníeth. love, peace, comfort, making for them a fiaft of fat things, of marrow, andofwinewell refined upon the Ices , filling them with all +t ioy inbe ee- ving, they difcerne not Chrifts purpofe in humbling the foules of his fervants, they perceive nót how he gives them light in darknefl;', 'Low he makes them rrjoyce with ioy glorioass; and unfpeaihable, when they fippofe them tobe of all men molt iniferable. ; they difcernenot the con- Moments which Çhrift giveth to them that lore and leave all for him ; they perceive not that k hundredfold more which Çhristgiveth them in bellowing himfelf;, upon them, being infinitely more to them then all friends, ho- nours, riches, and whatfoever worldly comforts; as the pearle in the parable , was much more to the Merchant then all that he gave, though he gave; all that he had for it. Men thus miftaking and misjudging Chrift;, thinke di- (honourably of Chrift , efteeme him tìo better then another"n, beloved, no better then_ Old, filver,, honour, the covetous and ambitious mans beloved ; and man will ne- ver leave much for that wherein he difeerneth little, or no worth : we fhall never be able to fajeci our (elves to Chrift, untill we have rightly learned theworth ofChrift ; he