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Deviling sffetlfe Chriff.r, Ignsraxceof ChriFilyoa!¿e. f 14-T he that knowes the cemfbrtablc difpenfations of Chrif1 in the time of Chriftian fuffering, will chufe to live. with Chrift in the deepeft outward mifery , rather then livewithout Chrift, in thegreatcít worldlyprofperity,peace and plenty. 6. A corrupt framing anddeviling ofalfe Chr s, . ndfalfe males to life and peace. Some frame unto themièlves a car- sail Chrift, placing all his worfhip , and their fervice in carnall and bodily attendance upon his ordinances, ; they thinke it enough to ° corn and fans before him in'hic hassle, in this they ftay and looke no further, they fuppofe the having of the outward ordinances is the having of Chrift ; ironic frame unto themfelves a ceremonial) and fuperfitiou-e aril! , embracing the traditions of men, and being very fevere and frequent in the obfervation of humane devils, they 61èí1` themfelves as the onely true wori1 ippers of t,,hrift ; fume frame unto themfelves a licentious Chris')', fuch a Chrift as died to bring redemption to man, but re- quires -no obedience fromMan, this is the Libertines Chrift, and all theft fuppoíe they haveChrift when yet theyhave him not ; and as he that is full is loath to beg , and the full ftcmacke o loatheth the honey-eombe : fo thefe fupp©fing a Provay.7, that they have thrift, are full of Chrift, though yet they have him not ; as he in Solomon made hirrifelfe rich when yet he ! had nothing ; they are loath either to deny them- P Pror13 °7° felnes, or to feeke any further for Chrift : He that fìlfly faines himfelfe tohave Chrift, is ofall others molt uneafdly drawne and wrought home to Chrift : The heathen man could fay, A any might hare been Wife, if they had not alrea- dy thought themfelves Wife ; and fo many might have f'hriit, if they were not perfwaded they had already gotten thrift. 7. Ignorance of the nature andfWeetnefe of ChriT yoakze, 7,Ignorance'; and of the comfort of living tinier the command of C'lrisl, nature of Men know not how good and pleatnt the ferviceofChaff Chr'4s yoke. is, how full of joy and contentment the fruitionOf Chrift J is ; they imagine that Chrifts yoake is an yron yoake, Chrifts way a way of thornes, and the day of a Chriftï- I O an &Corrupt de. vifìugof faifc Ghrilfs, Ier.y,ie.