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148 ,,ualifieationsof Self-denyall,IIiirituall,volunt.ry,$&c. mo(f pleafant and profitable, and follow the Lord Jefas, doing whatfoever he fhould enjoyne us : As (2'Eofes left b Heb. t t. the Court of Pharaoh, refufd to be called the forme of rha- raohs daughter, and chofe rather to endure affil}ion with the people of God, then to enjoy the pleafiires of time for a feafon. Thus let us leave the world, refufe to be called the fonnes and daughters, friends and favourites of' the earth, and of the prophane men thereof ; and let us chufe rather to endure afflíc?ion, reproach, difgrace,and any thing with Chrifl, in the fervice of Chrift, in the enjoyment of Chrif}, rather then enjoy all the pleafures, riches, honours, and comforts of the world without Chrift : Let us take i t Cor.6. t s, heedwith Paulthat we be not brought under the ¡power of any creature, or of any lull: whatfoever : Let us fee that ',Kinds and our denyall be not II. a natural!, morals, or fuperftitious de. qualifications nyall, as fome heathen have, and many Papifis doe, in ma- ofSelf.denyal!. ny things deny themfelves ; but let our denyall be a fpi- I.Spirituall. denyall, arifing from a principle of grace within, inabling us to reigne and rule over our affhions, to for- fake and renounce the motions of our owne corrupt will and realon, putting all in fubjeaion under Chra, that Chrift alone may raigne in our foules. 2. Let not our de- nyall be aforcedandconffraineddenyall;as a Mariner in.a forme calls away his goods, which yet he loves very well but let it bea.voluntary and free denyall,. arifing from the ha- tred and deteflation of what doth oppofe Chrifts king- dome in our foules ; as 4mnon hated Thamar and thruft her from him ; and alf) from unfained love to Chrift, as the bride in love to the bridegroome, leaves her fathers houfe, 3.Vniverfil. I to live with and enjoy the Eridegroome. 3. Let not our denyall be partiall and halting as Saul flew force of the cattell, and fpared others ; but let it be univerfall, he that doth not deny all truly, denyes none; as 7ojwal' put downe all the Kings of Canaan , fo depofe all, leave nothing in the foule to exalt it felfe againfl Chrift, to lift up it felfe, above Chrift. 4. Let not our denyall be temporary and va- niJbinQ ; as a bulrufh that bowes downe the head for aday ; as a ficke man denyes himfelfe many dainties during his lick- z.Volrrntary. 4. Continual!.