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perflwafion toSelf -denyall. 147 ing love an d fcllowfhip to them ; in his offices, refuting to heare him as a Prophet, to obey him as a King, and to reft upon him as a Priest, and Mediator for falvation : He that (hall. deny Chri,Qz in his promifes, refitting to beleeve them, or in his precepts, neglecting to obferve them ; he that (hall deny him in his under(anding, not caring for the knowledge of Chrift ; in his will, not chuffing and taking Chrift unto himfelfe ; in his imagination, not delighting in the thought of Chrift ; in his aff'ellions, not fearing, uniting, loving, and rejoycing in Chrift : He that (hall deny him before men, for the feare of mens difpleafare, or gaine of glens favour, him will Ckrift deny ; he will deny him his bleffed prefence, 7a :d power in hi§ ordinances, au- dience to his pra} ers , deliverance in his. diftre(fes, peace in his confcience, pardon of his fìnres,;uftificarion in the light of Cod, and at the laft day before the f ce of his Father, in the prefence of all men and Angels, he will deny them to be his , he will not offer them unto God zs his owner very fearefull is their eftate that want felt denyall, ifChrift deny us, who but the Devill will acknowledge them,what more diihonourable and difcomfortable to a chille, then to be denyed of his father, or to a wife then to bedenyed of her husband. It is the greatefl difhonour and flame of a man, pre f fling bimfelfe a Gillian, to be denyed of Chrift. BeTter der} our felves and all the world now then be denyed ofChrift at the 1aí1. CHAP, V I. THisj1 muff therefore perfwade us to worke our hearts to a full and through denyall ofour felves, to a hearty, free, and effeauall fubjec ion of our felves to Chrift ; as Abraham left his kindred ,. habitation, countrey, and all, and followed the Lord, going whither the Lord comman- ded him : fo let us leave all that is moff neare, anddeare, 0 4 moft z.Perfvvading Self_denyall. gGen,rs.