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154 n i Cor 8.t,z. Eccl.t.i8. P 5 q r'Cor.3.i8. z.Ceffmtion from rrmansfelf. r Prova3.q., CaptivationofSelf-reafon. it felfe ; and Chrifl is made the only guide and tounfellor of' the foule ; the eye thereof receiveth all its light from Chrifi fhining in the Gofpell. 'Carnal' wifedome ,; puffeth up, faxing knowledge humbleth : In much o wifdome (faith Solomon) is much griefe, and he that increafeth knowledgein- creafeth furrow ; becaufe the more man knows, the more he fees amiffc : Thus the more a man increafeth in theknow- ledge of Chrift, the more he fees amiffe in himfelfe, the more he is grieved for his owne ignoranceand corruption ; true wifedome is ever accompanied with godly forrow, and felf-denyall ; and felf- denyall P cafleth doom imaginati- on: or carnall reafonings , and every high thing that exalteth it fill? a, ainff the knowledge of god, and bringeth into capti- vity every thought to the obedience of Chrift. Self denyall makes him that formerly feemed to be qwife in this World, according to the opinion of the world, dreamingofa fuf- ficiency of wifedome in himfelfe to guide himfelfe, making himfelfe his owne counfellor and inftrmier : Self-denyall maketh fach a one to become afoule, by reputing his owne wifedome, ignorance, his owne knowledge foolifhnefl',by reje&ing his owne underftanding , as an empty lamp wherein is no light, by diftrufling his owne reafon , as a blind guide; by refiigning himfelfe wholly untó Chrifl , as a fcholler to the teacher, to be taught by him; by depen- ding folely upon Chrifl, as a traveller upon the guide, to be direfted by Chrift, by placing all his wifedome, in be- ing teachable and obedient to Chrifis dotirine : Man muff be emptied of his owne reafon, that will be filled with Chrifts wifedome ; he mutt renounce his owne will that will have the will of (god to rule over him ; he that denies himfelfe makes Chrifts wifedome, his wifedome to guide him, and Chrífls will the rule of his owne will, tofway and command him. 2. (effation fiom mans ownefife. He that denyes him- felfe ccafèth from himfelfe ; he ceafeth from his owne r wife- dome, from his opinion of it, from his fubje&ion under it, from his being guided by it ; he ceafeth front his owne will, from the finfull bent and inclination of it, from thecarnall obje&s