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Se f celation, 155 objeEts which it chufeth , and from the corrupt dieca-tes which it prefcribeth ; he delires not the doingofhis owne but ofGods will, as a fervant cea'cth from his owne, and Both his ,afters will ; he is borne of God, and the mo- tion and inclination of his will is towards God, as the mo- tion of the rivers is towards the Sea, the Law ofGod is is his heart, by knowledge and underftanding, by meditation and affeâian, by infcription and dominion, and he delights to dee the Will of the Lord ; he ceafeth from his owner ima- gin tions, his thoughts are not high thoughts, carnali thoughts, worldly thoughts, vaine thoughts, but his thoughts are holy thoughts of' God, low thoughts of himfelfe, hate- full thoughts of finne, joyful! thoughts of G;rift, and tweet and pleafant thoughts of the word of Good , ,sleight and weake thoughts of the world. The meditation of the Lord is fWeet unto him, and the Law of the Lord is his meditation all the day long ; he ceafeth from his Dune affeîliens, he hatti crucified the flesh with the t affec`iiens thereof; he doth not truft in himfelfe, but in the Lord, he is no felt-lover, but an unfained lover of the Lord Jefus., he Both not re- Joyce in himfelfe, but in Chrift ; he ceafeth from his owne pleafure,he dothnot V live inpleafures, making provifion for the flefh to fialfill the lulls thereof ; he is no lover, no follower ofcorrupt and carnali pleafures ; he chufeth rather to en- dure affiE ion with the people of God, 'then to enjoy the w pleafures offin for a feafon, finfull pleafures are more bit- ter and diftaftefull then any afflidtion to the foule which bath attained Chriftian felfdenyall ; he ceafeth from his owne applaufe among men, he is X not defirocu of vaineglory, he is not affè led and tickled- with the foundingofthe trum- pet of mens praifes, he feeketh not thepraife whichcomes from men, but that which comes from God : The more perfeEtion man attaincs in this gracious worke of felfe- denyall, the kffe he regards mans commendation : He that denycs himfelfe reputes the teftimony and approbation of God to be honour enough he ceafeth from his oWne pro- fit, he leeks not his owne things, but the things which are Chriflr : He that denyes himfelfe, reputes it his choifeft riches I Ifa.ß.t;. t Gal. 5.z4. u Inn 55 zvHcba t. z5. xGa1.5.36.