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r6o mGal ,6.14, nRorx.y tS. o Rom.ó.8. p Ga1.6.t4, q a Sam.6.2z r Luk;6.1z.' z c.í`1Nans lowprizing hizafelfe. himfelfe, looks upon himfelfe as a L. crucifiedman : In a cru- cified man there is no beauty, no dignity, no excellency to be feene, no pleafure to be taken : He that denyes him- felfe fees no beauty, no worth, no excellency in himfelfe, he taketh no pleafure, no delight in himfelfe ; he looks on hisowne flefh as on an empty hoof, wherein dwellethno good thing, he is °dead with Chrifl, for the mortification of his flesh, for his low opinion and denyall of himfelfe he is p cruci%ed to the world, willingly contentedfor Chrifls. fake to have no honour, no favour, no efteeme among the men of the world ; as a crucified man hath no place, no. authority , na effect-11e in the world ; he is willing to be traduced, reproached, and rejeL}ed of' the world , for the love he hath to Chrift, as a crucified man is defpifed and accounted odious in the world : David being vile in theeyes of LMichal for dauncing before the Arke, Paid, I willyet be q more vile then thus, and will be bate in mine owne fight. He that denyes himflfe, being vile in the eyes of men, for his profeílion of Christ , for his fubjedion and obedi- ence to Christ, for his zeale and earnetanefl'e for Chrift, is willing and ready to be more vile, to be r ore reproached, more traduced , more defpifed ; and will be bafe in his owne fight, neglct himfelfe , abafe himfelfe, and make himfelfe as nothing, that he may exalt and honour Christ. True f-lf-denyall makes a man neglet and abafe himfelfe below the very duff, for the exaltation of Chrift ; to have his r name caJ out as abominable among men , and to be accounted as the ffilth and obfcnring ofall things :. He that hath the highefl efleeme of Chrift, bath the least and low-_ eft efffeeme of himflfe Seif=denyall makes a man not only to undervalue himfelfe, but all ether things in comparifon of Christ, to efleeme all the glory of the earth as dung and drofe in comparifon of Chrifk, to repute all learning but ignorance in comparifon of the knowledge of Christ, allho- noor but ignominy in comparifon of the crowne which Christ gives, all riches but poverty in comparifon of that treafure which is in C;riff, all joycs but f rroives in corn- parifon of the joy which comrsíeth from Christ, all f2ie;rlr and '