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Leaving aß for Chrift. 161 and friendship but dumbe idols in comparifom ofChriits love, l and all world!), fulneire but empty veffels in comparifon of the al-futtciency of Chrift. The=rid is crucified to him that tG11.6.t4. ù crucified with Chrift, and bath denyed himfelfe, as men have no commerce with, put no price upon, have no love . unto, no pleafire in a crucified man .. fo he that denyes himfelfe bath no intimate and entire communion with the worldany more then the living with the dead, is free from the creature, from the power and command of the crea- ture,as a woman is free from her dead husband;his thoughts and joy are not taken up with the creature, no more then Abrahams thcug,hts and delights were taken up with dead Sarah , whom he delired to be removed out cf his fight; he puts no price upon the creature in comparifonofChrift ; he prizeth all as f}raw and Rubble incomparifon of Chrift the true treafure ; he efteemeth all things in refpeft ofChrift hut as a bramble in refpe& of the vine, as u ?at/am u Iudg ano- g 9 9. ther purpofc fpeaks in his parable. He that overvalueseither himfelfe, or any thing elfe ofthe world, is far from holy felt- denyall. CHAP. IX. VOluntarr and cheerfull deftrtion and leaving of all for Chrift. He that denyes himfelfe will deny all things elfe for Chrift ; Ruth in love to .Naomi left her father and mother , and the land of her W nativity , and came unto a people which fhe knew not theretofore.The man that de- nies himfelfe will for the love he bath to Chriff, leave fa- ther and mother, and the land ofhis nativity, whatfoever is molt negre and dare unto him , and come to Chrift, whom before this worke of felf-denyall he knew not ; he that denyes himfelfe feeth fo much worth in Chrift, and P 3 finds 6. D: (ertion of al(. zrRud;