Grosse - Houston-Packer Collection BT268 .G91 1632

iener ìes, et Ch in Read of all friends, though many clouds of furrow and flormcs of trouble arife, and no gar of worldly comfort appeal-es ; yet Chrift is a Sinne, in Read of all lights, a rocke, in Read of all füpporters, and a havet,in Read of all hiding places. Chrift to him that de- \oyes himfelfe, is an hiding place frown the Wind, and a Co- gl1 ;s.i. kvert from the tempefl ; as rivers of :eater in a dry place, yes the fhadow of a great rocks in 4 wear, land : Chrift is in Read of all, and much more then all to him that for Chritts fake denyes all, and is denyed of all. Chrift is a recompence arfwering all lcffcs, to his holy and humble fervants,' whom h PCa1.73.21, have I in heaven (faith the Pfalmift) but thee, and there ie z6. none upon the earth that I defre befide thee, my flea) and my heart faileth, t.ut God is the flrength of my heart, and my portion for ever : The world never brings a gracious and humbled man fo low, but he fees power enough in Chrift to raife him up , never makes him fo empty , but he fees fulncffe enough in Chris to replenish him, never fo hates him , but he fees love enough in Chrift to comfort him, never fo filleth him with trouble, but he fees peace enough i in Chrift to quiet him ; and this makes him that denyes himfelfe, when he , Walks in dark.nef fe, and bath no light, to a Ifa; ;o.t o. trufl in the name of the Lord, and to flay himfelfe upon his God : This makes him account it all ley k to fall into ma- k ism,t.7. nifold temptations for Chrifls fake ; all temptations and troubles being to him that denyes himfelfe, arguments of his feparation from the world, pledges of his efee`tuall cal- ling, tefi:imanies of the Devils and the finfall worlds ha- tred againa him, phrficke to cure and purge out many un- happy difeafes of tame, trumpets to awaken him, preferva- rtives againfl fecurity, conflat to try his faith and love to Chril,and :wanes of the er dearement of his foule toChris, Chrift fweetning them unto him, Chia being to him in the mica of them , as the honey in the belly cif the Lyon unto Sampron ; as the !irks to Noah in the deluge, appre- hending, tailing, and pleating himfelfe in the love of Chris, he sloth glory in tribulation, and though he is in heavineffa through manifold temptations, yet beleeving in Chris , P 4 he Mans deliqAt in Cl.ri ttndcr crap. fe t 6;