Grosse - Houston-Packer Collection BT268 .G91 1632

164. Chrifis cropaboveWorlds crowne. he mreioyceth YVith ioy uqeakable and fad ofglory, Chria to him that denyes himfelfe is a crowne in difgrace toho.- nour him, a friend in heavinefle to folace hire, a Swine in darkneffe to enlighten him, a precious peerle in poverty to ienrich him, a helper in all defertions to filflaine him, and s fountain in all wants to fupply him ; fwcet and plea- fant, fatisfaElory and fohle-ravilling are Christy miniftrati- ons to mortified and humble foules in their Chriftian fuff rings. R. Valuing of 8. The prizing and valuing of (bills Crop dove the Chrifis croie Worlds Crorene. He that indeed denyes himfelfe, cileemes above the j it more happy , more excellent, and more honourable to worlds crowne partake of Christs fuif_rings, then of the worlds re] oycmgs, to be conformed unto Chrift in holy forrowes and afl?icfi- ons, then to be conformed to the world in carnali plea lures; and-fefhly exaltations ; he prefcrres the poverty,re- i proach,exilemnt,Eo idage, and death which doth ufuallyat- tend Chrift in the Gofpell,abovethe riches, honour, favour, li- betty, and life which the world minifters to her follow Heb ers. Thus e'tofes denying himfelfe, n efieemed the reproach of Chrift greater riches then the treafures of Egypt. There- proach of Chrìfl, the difgrace, loge, trouble, and perfecu- tions with which the world doth purfue Chria truly preached and fincerely profìtifed in the Gofpell, wasofmore efleeme with Mofes then all the treafares of Egypt, then all the honours, riches , f:;vours, and cortentments which the world can affoord without Chrifl. Chrifls poverty,. prifon, contempt, hatred, perfecution, is of greater price with him that denyes himfelfe , then the riches, liberty, crowne, favour and peace which the worldbeffowes upon her choifefl favourites and followers. There is more dig- nity in the contempt of a Chriftian, then in the crowne of a worldling there is more joy in Chriftian fuffrings, then iii worldly pleafures. The loffe which man fuflaines for Chrifl, is greater gaine then the winningofthe whole world without Chrifl ; the Devil' and the world aremuch, miaaken in their off:ring of violence, wrongs and inju- ries to Chrifis members ; thcpoverty, furrow, shame, trou-i blcD.