Grosse - Houston-Packer Collection BT268 .G91 1632

SWEET AND Soule-Perfwading INDVCEMGNTS, Leadíng unto C,HR I S To (, H A P. I. Pfal 8.26. Bleféd be he that -commeth in the noneof the Lord, we have bleffed you out of thehoule of theLord. Hril}s triumphant comming into lerufalem, is a lively Embleme andcleare reprefentation of' . his gracious comming in the Gofpell tohis 1 people,and in hisfpirituall and heavenly king- ; dome,to the foules of his chofen. Chrif}com- ming into Ierufalem, font two of his Difcipler to loofe the colt which was tyed, and to bring him unto Chrift. Chrifl comming in his fpirituall kingdome, fends his Mi- nìflersby their preaching to ioofe and free the foules of men B which