Grosse - Houston-Packer Collection BT268 .G91 1632

All minmuff beput under Chrift. whichare fait chained and fettered to finne, Satan, and the world. All men in their naturali eftate and condition are llaves to the world, fervants of corruption, andbondmen to Satan., (brig by the labours of laic 4Yinifters in thr gold com- municates ifiirituall liberty and freedome to the foules of Gods chofn. We all continue fait tyed with the cords and bands of carnali Tufts and aftedions, till Chrift fends his Minifters amongft us. The colt was flit} looted, and then brought toChrif. Thé powers of f nase and ungoellineffi. muß ftri bediffolvedri,ithin us, before wecan come to Chrift lefus, Wo mutt be loofed and fet free from the power of finne, Satan, and the world; which formerly ruled and fwayed like Matters over us, or elfe we are unfit for Chrills fer'ice : He that will not beuntyed and loofed from his firme, cannot beunitedunto Chrift ; the la- bours of' Chrifts Minifters in refpeft of us are fruitleffe, if they doe not loofe us from the power of ungodli- nefl'e. Chrift commandeth the two Difciples to bring the colt to him not to keep him to themfelves, not to imply him in their owne fervice. It is the dutyof gods Minifters to draw the foules of men not unto themfelves, but unto Chrift : They arc corrupt and carnali Minifters that feeke to exalt them- felves, and not the Lord lefus, in the eyes and hearts of their hearers ; the drawing and working home of the foules of men to Chrift Iefus, is thechiefkit crownsand honour of á1l minifteriall labours ; they who makeeither their ownepro- fit,or applauf theend oftheir minifteriall fervice,arecertain,- ly deceitfull workers. The Lords and owners of this colt, though they quefti- loned with the Difciples, why they fooled him, yet at their word they readily let him goe. (hriff maces his Word in the mouth of his Minifters powerful! andofeetuallin the hearts of his people to move them to refgne themfelves and all that theyhave to Chrift andhis fervice. Chrift makes the foules of fuch as be- long to Gods Election, to obey thevoiceof his Minifters in the Gofpell. Chrift lent not his Difciples to bofeand bring unto him fame magnificent and [lately horfe, fuch as Prin ces-