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Grieving at Sins. Reioycing ingoodneffe. 169 feet, and a heavy burthen on his backe , his finne is more troublefome to him, then all afflielion , as bad or worfe then death it felfe ; but the worke of righteoufnefle is his joy ; this is the feed he Lowe; the race he runs , to this he gives himfelfe, this is his meat and drinke, this is the joy and rejoycing ofhis heart, this is the clement in which he delires to live, and wherein he pleafeth and delighteth himfelfe ;. as the fifh in the water , he g delighteth greatly. in Cods corrimandements, to know them, to meditate upon them,toreceive díreaion.from them,to doe all things inobe dienceto them.. 4. He hath a plain and open heart ; he will not finother nor conceale his finne, as Achan hidhis goldenwedge and Babylonifh garment, as Rachel fate upon and covered her Idols ; he will not difguife and faine himfelfe to be ano- ther then he is, as jeroboams wife h difgailed her felfe, and faigned her felfe to be another then tha was :He Both not delire that the Prophets fhould prophefie fmooth things and deceits uato him ; he will not with Ahab have the mef- fengers of the Lord bid him profiler in a way which the Lord allowes not but his delire is to have his heart ran- facked, his finne opened, the eftate of his foule truly dif- covered he faith with.the.Pfalrnift, let the righteoem frnite me, by difcoverí.ng my finne, by reproving me for what is mi. , by wounding my confcience, and humbling my foule for my corruption ; he is a molt welcome mefinger to him, that molt clearly and fully lets his finbefore him; he rejoyceth in the detection of his finne , as a rich man in the deteátion of a theef,.that lyes in ambufh to rob him , as a ficke man in thefinding out, and purging awayof the difeafewhich would bring death upon him. 5. He hath a heart grieving at evill, and reioycingingood- neIle and goad things-: He grieveth for his owne and other mens firmes, for the dilhonour done to God ; he that ,grieves for his owne and not for other mens fins , grieves rather ont of felt-love, fearing fume plague which will fall upon him for finne, then out of ar.y true love to God, fòr the di(hoiaour which finne is unto God ; for God isdiho- noured,' g PLl. t ta. t. 4.P!aine heart:. b ief7. h t Kin.14, Ira a Ktng. z z. PM, 41,5. e.Heart-grie- sting at evrll. Ezra g.