Grosse - Houston-Packer Collection BT268 .G91 1632

173 Ei s. grieving; at Sin. Reioycing in áoodnefee, poured by other mens finnes as well as ours ; he therefore that denyes himfelfe, mournes with David, becaufe k other men keep not the LaVe of cod Gods difhonour is the prime motive of true and godly forrow ; the more a man de- ayes himfelfe, the more his foule is humbled and grieved, becaufe Gods name is dishonoured : He likewif that de nyes himfelfe, rejoyceth when God is honoured, whofo- ever be the inVtrument. Many can rejoyce when God bath been glorified by fotne act of their owne, but are not joy- fully affeeied, but rather grieved, when God is honoured by dome worke of others, wherein themfelves have been no (hirers : Men are often very dangerous felf-lovers in their ho- liefl; and moil honourable performances lt argues ahumble, fweet and gracious di lzolition of mens afficlions, to be able to rejoyce in the godly fervice of others ; a humble foule is joyfull and thankfull that God is honoured, the Church benefited, the Gofpell preached , the caul: and krngdome of Chrift promoted by others, as if himfelfe had been the inflrument ; Gods glory is a humble mans amine delire and intendment, and is much joyed to fee the fame ac- complilhed ; -and in thefe characters as in plaine letters, may all men reade the truth and poweroftheirfelf-denyall,' and accordinglyjadge oftheir condition. B.Deccits ìn Self-denyall, C H A P. X, It it may be here demanded `how many wayes a man may deceive himfelfe in the point and matter of felt- denyall.The heart ofman is deceitfi:ll above meafure, and man is very prone todeceive himfelfe, as in other neceffarypoints and parts of fahatron,fo hi thisof f lf-denyaIl. To this there- fore I anfver, that main is apt to deceive himfelfe in this be- halfeeight wayes. r. By