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176 i Temporary Selfdenyall, tyed, and not rooted up;, and therefore forting and íprouted up'againe. ; thus many men are very deeply humbled for the prefent, but their inward Rills not being truly morti- fied, and plucked tip by the roots, but fart bound upwithin them, they fprout and fpring againe, after force dew of tèmporall cafe and peace, hath a little diftilled and dropt open them ; they returne againe with the dog to e the vo- mit, and with theSow to the mire : That felf-denyall which is not con[lant and increafing, is built upon a falle founda- tion. He never truly denyed himfelfe for God, that dóth not abide and hold ont to the end with God ; the hypo- crite is off and on, lie changeth like theclouds, fometimes moving low, and fometimes mounted on high; foitretimes following the Sunne, and fometimes moving againft the motion of the Sunne, The hypocrite will not alzrayesdelight f lob 17 9,1o, himfelfe in the Almighty, he Will nat alwayes call upon God; whatfoever pretence' of piety or love he make towards God, Ruch t. like Orpeb to Naomi ; yet as file forfooke Naomi, fo will g ICa,z9. z9, he forfake the Lord, but the meek a /hall increafe hisflrength;. the truly humble and mortified man (hall hold out and-abide to the end ; as his oti er works, fo his fclf-denyall (hall be more at laft then at far(/' ; the longer he liveth in the eftate of.grace, the more his lu'ts are mortified, the more hisowne wifedame, will, thoughts, aff.c ions,. defines, and carnal,' ends andpurpofes are denyed, CHAP. X.I, Ijj Tmaybeyet further here demanded how a man may com- lfor.t hiinfelfe touching the truth of this holy and graci- b Rorn .i;, ous worke of felf-denyall, finding and feeling many lulls yet remaining and rifincz up within him, and rebelling (as the Apoftlefaith), ag,ainnft the law of hia. mind, fothetimes cap- tivating