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Vain-glory leads man toMir. fer. TemporarySelf denyall. 175 the death of Naboth, proclaimes a fafl, ordaines -a day of humiliation ; the Crocodile firfl weeps upon man, and thon kils and makes a prey of him : Such Crocodiles are thefe men who under a pretence of wares, repentance, and felt denyall, deceive, and make a prey of their bre- thren. 7 By denying himfelfe vain-gloriossfly, , many men doe 1 Vainglori much , and goe outwardly very frre in the way of fell- macé.a,T denyall, for the praife of men ; Jacob to get Ifaack blef- fìng put on efau's clothes, and fome men to get the bletlìng of mens applaufe and praife, put on the outward habitof truly mortified men ; the Pharifees were very liberall in their alines, very frequent in their prayers, very'fevere in out- ward appearance in their fallings ; and all this they did to i 6. be zfeen ofmen , to gaine the praife of' men ; for this men t Mat. =3í may, and doubtleffe fotne doe, give their goods tothepoore, and their bodies to the prifon, to the fire. Wherefore elf; Both the Apoftle fay, a If I rive my goods to the pore, and a t Cor. r3,3. my body to be burned , and have not Love , I am nothing, Vaine men are carried by their felf-love to fuffer martyr. dome, as true love carries Gods children ; Gods glory car- ries his children tó fairer death , that God may be honou- red , and to this pride and vain-glory carryes fotne men, that their name may be magnified : Many whowill faiff.r nothing for God out of true lore and aff-clion; will fuffar much for themflves out of an ambitious humour of vaine boafting and oftentation : They that care little for a name with God, that doe nothing for Gods approbation, will m^ny times doe much for a name with men , for mens praife and commendation. He that doth not humble and abaft himfelfe, that God may be exalted is deceitfully hum- bled. F. By denying himfelfe Temporarily , to walke heavily 8.Tempora- with b Ahab fora few dayes, to bow downe the head c for bla King.z 1.29. aday with the bulrufh, is an hypocriticall and counterfeit c Ifa.sB:;. felf-denyall ; falfe denyall may bow, and bring a man very low ;as d Nebuchadnezzars tree was brought to a fturnp, but as d Dan.4.t4it $ that Hump was bound with bands of brafle and yron, fait tyed,