Grosse - Houston-Packer Collection BT268 .G91 1632

All Pvtuf beput under Chrift, ces and Nobles ufe to ride on, but the fble ofan Affe, an or- dinary, dull, and plaine beaff. Chrift doth molt Orally fet up his ilirituall throne and kingdome in the hearts of men of mean andlowconditian,aad of little or no e. ie#me in the world. Men molt eminent for their morali and temporali endowments, are often found the greateff ffrangers t6 Chili} and his fer- vice : Chrift is many times carried in triumph in the hearts of poore and defpifed people, when fuch as have the ful- neffe ofthe world will notvaile and ffoop tohim. TheDifciples did not onely bring this colt to Chrift, but they alfo fpread their cloathes uponhim, and fo prepared and fitted him for Chriff to ride thereon. Gods Minifi`ers nue.Fi by their dot?rines garnifh the foules of men, that they may be fit for Chrß to raigne in them. Nothing fhould be offuch efteeme or ufe with us, but we fhould readily fpare it for Chrifis fer- vice, be ready to ffrip our felves of all, even our very gar- ments to exalt the Lord Iefus ; we fhould rather chufe to make our felves naked, then fuffer Chrift to be dishonou- red. The Difciples having calf their garments upon the beaff, they fet úp Chrift thereon. The exaltation of Cbrifl mug be the prime intendment and labour of every 4-íiniiier of Chrift ; they muff never reff nor pleafe themfel:es in their labours, till they have fet up Chrift, and caufed him to raigne in the hearts of their hearers. That man is very low, and bafe in his undertakings, who ffrives not to make Chrift glori- ous. Chriff being by the Difciples fet upon this colt, a great multitude fpread their garments in the way, and others cut downebranches from the trees,and ffrawed them in the way. When Chrift is by his c. AUnifiers exalted, and liftedup in the Area_ chineof the Co.ffell,many foules vaile and6ow to him, embrace, and reverence him, as their fpirituall King and Soveraigne, profirating themfelvesand all that is theirsunder him. The multitudedid not only ffraw the way with their garments, and branches, but they alfo ctyed Hofanna to the Tonne of David : Bleffed is he that commeth in thename of the Lord, Hofanna in the higheff. Humble and believing foules receive B 2 and