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°s Wayes of Çñriliscoz¿mi»g. ted,magnified beChrift. Cbri t' is worthy to'6e celebratedpith afpraifes for his comming to us. 3.there is the manner of their ; gratulation, Tiered, expreífed way of thanksgiving and i rejoycing, and way of exoptation _ and .withtng. Who- Note. foever truly reioyceth in Chrift, Both Alfa *0 well to the caufeand kingdom of Chrift. q.,.thereis Movens;or theparty comining, ', 4 Movent. He,who is the fonne'of Godbyeternal generation,and bygrace of hypost'aticall union, the Princ.ofthe Kingsof the earth by authority and dominiomHe who is the head of the,Church by fpirituall yurisdi¿lion; He who is the.Redeemer of manby ' the merit of his obedience and paffion He who is the.Con- querour over hell, death, (inne, and Satan by his Refurre- Ilion ; He who by his office is theProphet initruKing us, the Icing commanding anddefending us, and'the Prieft oering himfelfe a facrifice for us. He who is the Mediator between God and us by his interceffion , the fountaine-of all mercy, grace andpeace unto us by divine ordinatjora, alefled be he, welcome be he,inhim let our foules rejoyce, his comming let us enrertainewith the chiefeft and flrergth of our rejoy- cing. The Lord 7cfus ought to be the primeandco upleat o6ieEl Note. ofmans joyfulneffe. 5. Here is his Motion, Commeth. Chrift as S,Motua. God is-every where, and neither goes nor comes, but fils all places ; yet he commeth by his Laws and ordinances, as a Prince by his Proclamations. ; Hecommethby his Minifters, asa King by,his Embaffadours ; He commeth by his /near- -nation,as abrother taking ournature upon him ; He commeth by his gifts and graces bellowed on us, as a friendcommeth by his live-tokens ; He commeth by his WordandGofpell,as theSun comineth by 'his light,enlightening us,as a King coin- meth by.his Scepter binding, bowing, and.inclining our hearts tinto obedience; as a-Generall.commeth-by his military xrea- pons, catling downe the ftrong holds of firmé within us as , the Cloud commeth byhis dew, watering, refrefhing, and fru- ifying us ; as theMaller of a feaft commeth by his daintie yon!. 'feeding and feaftingus as a Bridegroome covninetil by his , veieer íçAacing,and comfortingus;He commeth by his Sacra- I most , ás the Bingby his Broad Seale,fealing to us the remit -1 Pion ofour firmes, and.-juftthca*ion of our foules.through his' righ-1