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b 7'errrzirtua áquo, DotEo b z Sam.6 wilesof Chrtffs comming. righteoufnefhe ; he commeth by his holy andgracious operation upon our foules ; as the Sunne by callinga fveet and hea- venly influence into our hearts ; as a King Petting up his throne within us ; as a heavenly and Almighty Work-man new moulding, new framing, and fahioning us, all thefe 1,vayes comes the Lord Íefus to the fouler of his fervants. 73/eyed ís that perfon that knows the may and ma:Iner of C'hriFts fpirituall and graciefs comming. b Here is the terme, from whence he commeth, from God, in the name of the Lords-by the ordination and appointment of God, with au- thority andcommiflion from God, every way fitted and fur- nifhed for the adminillration of his kingdome, and accom- plifhment ofthe worke undertaken by him, Crin P. I I. IWill not mull on all thefe particulars, but onely upon the peoplesgratulation, and Chrifls authority or commiflion. Firfl,the peoples gratulation, Bleffed;e he -that commeth, ex- pre$ing their rejoycing and thanksgiving for Chrifis corn- ruing in his Gofpell and fpirituall kingdome : Man bleffeth man,by making prayer andfupplication for him : God blefieth man by bellowing good things upon him, by removingevill things from him, and by turningall for good unto him, and man blelieth God and Chrifl by thanksgiving to God and Chrill,weil fpeakingof God and Chrifl, holy and hearty re- joycing in God and Chrifl, gracious and unfained wel- 1 wifhing unto the caufe ofGod and Chriff,and thusthe people i in this placebleffe Chriils comming in thenameoftheLord ; --. andhence we learne, 2 hat (shrift cárrming in hit gospel! fpiritual kingdome, ought to he receivedandentertainedwith much thanksgiving &reioyeing. The Arke, was a type ofChrifl,Davidat the comming of the Arke into the Tabernacle,' danced with all his might, and all the