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l Chraccommixtiaff4yreceived. 7 1 the;houfe cf I fraci brought up the Arke with fhouting, and with the foundof aTrumpet. Thus fhould the fordes of men \be filled with very great thanksgiving and rejoycing at the comming ofChrift among them, this was prophecyed4alfo, and alfo given in charge long before the comming of Chrift Lich.q.9 in the fiefh. e Reioyce greatly, O daughter of Zion , Jhout O daughter of Icrufalem, behold thy King cornmethunto thee, he ù iuft,4tnd having falvation, lowly,andridineuponan ate, andupon' a colt thefoie of anate. As men rejoyce at an earthly Kings comming in lave and mercy unto them, fo and much more fhouldwe rejoyce at Chrifts,the fpiritualand heavenlyKings comming in grace and mercy unto us, the people piped With pipet, and were exceedingly joyfull in the dayofSalomonsco- ronation,when he was fet up to raigne over them, much grea- ter fhould be ourrejoycing kn the daywhenChrift commeth tousby his Gofpell, and fetteth up his fpirituall kingdome in thehearts of his people.-This joyandrejoycing is promi- fed by the Prophet, a in that day, in the day of the Gofpell, : d Ifa. ra.I. in theday of Chrifts gracious and merciful' comming, ita the dayof Chrifis erec ing his fpirituall andheavenly kingdome, thou Jhalt fay,Lordywillpraise thee,I will be thankful' to thee, I willexalt and magnifie thee, I will confefl'e and acknow- ledge thy power to, be a rocke that never finketh, thy truth tobea word that neverfaileth, thy mercy to bea river whole water never decayeth, and thy love tohe aSunne that never, fetteth, andwith ioy titanyedraw waters out of the Wellsoffai vation ; then fhall we draw by the bucket ofa lively faith, { fpirituall and fweet, firong andplentiful) confolations from Chrift, who is a fountaine opened for finne and for unclean - liege, andout ofthe doctrineof theGofpell, which like ariver refrefheth and maketh glad the hearts of the Lords people 1.7his joy and rejoycing is illuftrated by a fimilitude taken from the light : e They that Walked in darknefe , have feene q great light, they that dwell in the land of the JhadoW of death, elft.9.z, to them hath the light fhined. As the comming of the light is very joyfull to them that are in darknefie, fo is the com- ming of Chrift in the Gofpell, very joyful], bringing fpi- rituall and heavenly light to them that fate in darkenefe, and 1 Ver.3.