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Clodrevealed in Chrifi,- 9 joyfh!ll in his entertainment of Chrift, he made hafte, and Gaudiurn pioricl, came downe,and received him joyfulÿ, Queftionleffe every foule to ¡PIE ea, ¡ th.antruly delires to know Chrift, receives Chrift coniming tijae /1QUdere+ in the Gofpell with much thanksgiving and rejoycing. Thus de te;pr ®prerte,' it is,and thus it muft be. ipfa eft,' non, Iii regard of the cleare and comfortable revelation of God in altera Aug. Chrift. God is truly and favinglyknowne, only in and throw h 5.Ground$ his fein,God indeed is obfcurely& darkly known in hiskworkr, hereof as a God ofpowerkin his rovidence, as a Godofauthorit LRev.l3t4o p n , Y oEGod. wifedome,& order;in his common mercies,as a Godofboun- hRum.c.iy.zo ty,and in hispunifhments and judgements as a God ofjuftice; but in Chrift opened&preached in theGofpell,God isknown with a clear; a comfirtable,and faving.knowledge,asa father ofgrace and fingular mercy and loving kindnes:Inl7ndah(faith i pfl.7s,a. the Pfalmifl)isGodknown,& hisname 14 great in Ifrael;in Iudah, in his Church , where his Word andOrdinances are, where Chrift is preached , and the myftery of mans fàlvation is opened, there God is knowne truly without errour, perfpi- cuoufly without obfcurities, and f tving) without uncertain- ties; there lie is knowne as a King in his Courts, for the glory and beauty which he there manifefleth ; as a teacher in his ièhoole, for the wifedome and knowledge which he there difpenfeth ; as a dweller in his houfe, for the holy orders he there prefcribeth , and gracious rule and domi- nion he thereereoIeth, and beareth in the foules of his fer- vants as a bridegroeme in the banqueting houfe, for the fpi- rituals dainties he there maketh, fir thecleare and open ma- nifeflations of himfelfe , and love and comforts bee there riniftrerh to his fpirituall friends and guefts, and ',know ù great in 7fraeli': Ilis -power, wifedome, truth, love, and goodneffe is much magnified , and very glorious in their apprehenfons whoknow him in Chrift Jefus. Mans know- ledge of Cod., out of the Lord Jefus is nothing elfe but blindneffe, nothing but miferable and uncomfortable igno- rance ; for no man (faith Chrift) knoWes the Father 6nt the ni Mat.I I.17 `S,onne , andhe to whom the Sohne 13 ill reveale him. Chriftois the lively -image of the rather , and Cod is knowne in Chrift as a father is knowne in his fonnes face The foule C of