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of man is full of helli(h darkneffe, that is not taught of : Cer.4,6. Chrift Jefus : For as the Apoftle faith, the light of the knowledge of the glory of Clod is given in the face of lefnr Chrift : The knowledge of the glory of Gods wifedoine in themyftery of mans redemption, the knowledge of the gloryof Gods power in diffolving the works of' Satan, the knowledge of the glory of Gods ju4tice in fatisfying him- felfe for mans fuse by Chrifts differing, the knowledge of the glory of Gods mercy in forgiving mans tranfgreflion, the knowledge of the glory of Gods both-1 ffe iu fanetifymg mans foule, and-the knowledge of the glory of Gods love inreconciling man unto.himfelfe, all this knowledgeof the gloryof God is given in the face ofJefus Chrift , it is all manifefted and made knowne in and through Chrift, ofall Chritian fcholkrs he is the choife(c that knowes molt of God in Chrift, and becaufe this knowledge is given in the fàce of Chrift, we fhpuld receive Chrift comming in. the Gofuell with very great rejoycing ; for as the light is fweet, and it is a pleafant thing to the eye to behold the o Prov.6 to. Sunne : fo this wildome ° when it entreth into the heart, and this knowledge ie pleafant to the foxee, in regard of fpirituall :.Spiritual! li- liberty and feedome brought to the foule of man by the corn- berry, mingof Chrifi in hie qofpell and fpirituall kingdonee. Chrift is o Johes,3z,3 6. the worker,and the ° Gofuell the inftrument of mans free- dome : Chrift comming in the Gofuell brings liberty from ignorance, as the Sunne brings liberty from darknef Chrift comming into Capernaurn, the Evangelift faith, the P people that fate in darkneffe faw a great light , and to, them that fate in the region and íhadow of death light is P Mar..4.t6, fprung up : By this Chrift brings liberty from death in I°1. i.44. fine, as by his voice he railed Lazarus, and fet him free q Ioh, 5. :5, from the grave : fo the dead in finne q heare the voice of the Sonne of God in the Gofuell and live, by this Chriftbrings t Sam.ay. liberty from Satan, as David by his ftaffe and Stone over- z Cor Io 4. threw the great Cjoliah, and brought liberty to Ifrael : fo Lukto doth Christ by hisGofpell oft downe the ftrong holds of nne, and make Satan fall like lightening from heaven, nd frees the foul`s ofGods chofen : Hereby Chrift brings liberty