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12 , Viaory by Chrif#. and the foules of men are made vi&orious, according tq ; that of the Apoftle, the weapons of our warfare are not carnali but fpirituall, and mighty through God to the ca. i I Sana.5.4. fling downe of ftrong holds. When the 405 was erefted Dagon fell. When : Chrift is erected, exalted, and let up 1 among the, people: in the miniftery of the,Gofpell, then the Devitt fads from his poffèflion, then Pinne fats from its do- minion, and then the world fais from the roomeand fway it had in the hearts of the people; the fouldier is made vi- dorions by his. weapon, the Chriftian by the Gofpell,the x Epb.6. s7. word .being the x f word of the Spirit , that inflrument -by which the Spirit fhewes his power in .making thé fade of man a glorious conquerour. Why doth the Prophet(fbea- king in the perfon of Chrift)_fay, the Lord had made his ' y [ta.,o, z. mouth a rJharpfrrord, and a polillied (haft, but to thew the energy and working of his docîrine, in piercing the heart, in wounding flume, as a fword and fhaft doth the body of'' the enemy in the day of battell :. The right ufe ofthis wea- pon ever gives man victory. over his corruption. What is 2 itev.6," ¡ the z white-horfe mentioned by Saint Iohn, but. the Prim1-'. I tive Church being white and bright for the purity and per. I fusion ofdoarine and difcipline ; the Apoflles like a horfe I fwiftly running, propagated the faith of Chrift through the world. Who is .alpe, rider there fpoken of, but ChriR who is exalted, and carried 'in fpirituall triumph by the Mi- niftery ofhis Word : What is his sow, but his Word, the Law and Gofpell , with which lite wounds the hearts of his eleft,that he may heale and enliven their ; The hearts of the reprobate to terrifie and deftroy them, according to that a. Pfal 4! of the Pfalmift, Thine a arrowes are Jharp in the hearts of the .Ksnxs enemies whereby the people ,fall, sander thee. And. how ' went Chfift forth conquering and to conquer ? he went forth eonquering, overcornming finne. by, his death and paffion, andovercomming death, ,heu;, Satan, and, the world, by his Refurretlion , and bee goeth forth to conquer, converting his chofen, and convincing his enemies, by the preaching of the Gofpell, and in this vic}ory there is matter of great joy. ; it is greater joy to a Christian to fee the Dcvill and iis;