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6 C'hrif? unwelcome unto him ? if we attend himpreached in the Gofpell, furely Chrift_ preached in the Gofpell is very orangely and fhame- fully undervalued by many people In ftead of rejoycing, they grieve at the preaching of Chrift among them ; as t9r ,A, Herod, and all the men of Ierufalem were k troubled to heare of C brills being borne King of the Jewes , and of the appearing of a flarre, declaring the commingofChrift, the true light of the world ; the cicare and full opening f ofChrift , and the letting up of Chrift to reigne and rule over the hearts and wares of men, is very troublefome to many people, like thofe evill citizens in the parable, aulmig.rq. Lthey will not hove this man Chrift to raigne over them, they will not have him reigne over their underflandings, as-a light guiding them, over their wils, as a Prince comman-1 ding them,over their aff'e ions, asa Lord,and Mailer ruling, and ordering them, over their lulls, as a Phyfitian lancing, purging, mortifying, and taking them off. Many men de light to talke much ofChrifts falvation, but they have no pleafure to heare of his kingdome , it is acceptable to them tobe faved by Chrift, but very troublefome to ferve Chrift : But what a fhame , what an abomination, i what foule hypocrifie is this , that wee fhould profeffe Chrift, and yet deny him in his Gofpell, in his Kingdome? Is it not a fhame for a wife to profeffe fuch a man to be her husband, and yet deny him her prefence, her hand, her heart, her body, her love, dwell with a fit-anger, love a ftranger, delight in a {It-anger, and bring forth children to a oranger, what is this but fhamefull difloyalty, and odious adultery ? What a fhame for a man to profeffe fuch a man to be his Mailer, and yet deny him all fervice, and (but the doores of the houfe againft him ? and what a fhame is it for us to profeffe Chrift to be our husband , our Mailer, and yet deny him our fervice, breaking his bands, andcalling array his cords from iss, (hutting thedoores of our hearts againil him, denying him our prefence in his houle, denying him our heart to love him, our affeFli- onsto rejoyce in him, our hand to worke for him, deny- ! ing him our foules and bodies to be a holy Temple for him to