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ciLtan srríJ°erable te *hem Chrift if aarnrvelcome. 75 CHAP. 3. Such verywife- THis difcovers their finne, their inifelable and wretched condition, who are not thankful! for, whore ce not rai>le to whom J Y Chri$isu,t. in the comming of Chrift in his Gofpell, and in theking- wrlcome. dome of his grace among them : There were children of Belied that faid of Saul when he was fet up King overlf- rael, How(ball this manfave tu, they defpifed him, andbrought L L Sari. L o. 27. him no prefent. There are manychildren of Belial in theworld, that fay of Chrift comming in the Gofpell, comming in his word to reigne and rule over them, how (hall Chrift fave us by this preaching of the Gofpell, the preaching of Chrift feemes fooli(hneffe unto them , a darke dottrine L Cor, t. wherein is no light, no wifedome, no excellency of lear- ning, an empty doctrine wherein is no fulneffe, no worth, a very babling , a weake doarine wherein is no power : The falfe Apoftles faid of `Paul, his bodily prefence es make, h t .. and his leech contemptible. Many falfe and counterfeit Chri- ftians fay of Chrift in the clofet of their owne hearts, Chri4ls pretence in the Gofpell is weake , and his fpeech in the Gofpell is contemptible, and thus they defpifeChrrift im his offices, in his Minifters, in his Ordinances, in his !members, they bring him no prefent, they prefent not !themfelves in Chrifts fchoole as fchollers to learne Chrift, they, prefent not themfelves in Chrifis houfe, as children to feed on thofe dainties which Chrift bath there prepa- red for them, they prefent not themfelves in Chrifts Courts, as Subjeets to receive his Lawes and doe his will, they pre- fent not their foules and bodies as a living, holy, andaccep- tablefacrifice unto Chrift : But as the men ofthe old world faid in the Atheifine of their hearts unto God,fo fay thefe in the ignorance, infidelitie, pride, and prophanenefre of their foules unto Ora, i Depart from vu we care not for aI°b.z'.L4.r5. the 1Znowleelge of thy gayer. What is Chrift, that we fhould terse him ? and what profit (hall we have if' we pray unto