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23 Joyful!entertainment of Chriffperfzvadeclti Perlvvafion to a ioyfull enter- tainment of Chtift. tc Mat.a Io. x I Sam 6.13. y t King./ 1. 12,14. t Cant 3.i1. CHAP. IV, Tldis fhould excite and move us all to worke our hearts to a ioyfull and thankful! receiving and entertainment of 'Chrift comming in the Minifi'ery of the 9offieil, the tvil.0 men w rejoycedwith anexceeding great joy at the appearing ofthe Starre which pointedout the birth of Chrift : Chrift ap- peareth in the Gofpell, as a heavenly Starre, miniffringce- leffiall and comfortable light to them thar fit in darkneffe; his appearance miniftring matter of choifeff rejoycing, doubtleffe he is no wife man, a man ferre from true and Caving wifedome, that doth not rejoyce to fee Chrift fhi- ning in the Gofpell ; the men of .ethlhenmef were rea- ping their wheat harveft in the valley, and they lifted up their eyes , and x fall, the Arke, and rejoyced to fee it, and breaking off their labours, ceafing their harvcft- worke, they offered burnt offerings, and facrificed facrifces the fame day unto the Lord.Iheuman that lifteth up his eyes, his heart , his thoughts, his defires from the world , and fees Chriff in the Gofpell, cannot but rejoyce to behold him. Men fhould with great alacrity and readineffe breake off their bodily labours to entertains the Lord Iefus, and offer to God the fact:i6ce of praife and thanksgiving on that day, when Chriff comes among there in his Gofpell, joyfull attendance upon Chrift in the Gofpell fhould have prehe- !ninenec above every ordinary undertaking : When Iehoiada the Prieft brought forth fehoalli the Kings fonne, and put the Crowne upon him, all the people of .the land), rejoyced and blew With. trumpets. When the Miniffer of the Lord doth bring forth Chriff in the Congregation, reveale and thew forth Chrift the Sonne of God , in the miniftery of the Gofpell, and doth fet the z crown (according to Solo- mans phrafe) upon Chrifts head, bydeclaring Chrifts Sove- raignty, and caufing thepeople to fubmit toChrifts law and government, all the Congregation fhould rcjoyceand blow the