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Comming of Chri.£i' comforteth. a3 the trumpet of fpirituall joy and gladneffe : Agracious foule drawes matter of choife and fwect rejoycing from Chriffs exaltation in theGofpell. This joyful' and thankful' entertainment of Chriff coin- ming in the Gofpell; was fhadowed by the feaff offolcm- nity, called a blolVing ofTrompets, fignifying the fpirituall aLcv.z;14, 15 joy and gladneffe oc a_fioned and raifed in the hearts ofinen by Chriffs comming in the fleíh, and in the preaching of the Gofpell, the Lord Jefus being the gladfome body and febflance of all the Levitical' and Ceremonial) joyous 'fe- Rivals ; this was alfo foretold and often prophecyed, How b 6e4utifull (faith the Prophet Flay) are the feet ofhim that E I,a, 51,7, 6ringeth good tidings that ptsbliJheth peace, and bringeth good tidings of good, that publifheth falvation , that faith unto Sion thy God raigneth ; which Prophecye the Apoffle re- ferres to the preaching of the Gofpell ; the feet carry the Rom. a o, g, body in motion andgoing; the miniftery carry Chraff in the preaching of the Gofpell ; the feet lift and beare up the body, the Minifters lift up and carry Chriff aloft, and make himconfpicuous in the eyes of the people, by their holy and wholforne doarine ; the feet of him that brings tidings of a pardon to a condemned perfon, tidings of re- demption to a captive , tidings of fupply to him that is in want, are very beautiful' in the eyes offilch people ; the feet of' Gods Miniflers bringing tidings of forgivenefle, ti- dings of deliverance, tidings of all Until:, in and by Chrift Jefus , are very beautifull in their eyes who know and feele the danger of their owne finfull condition ; therefore 6reahéforth into ioy (faith the Prophet) fing together ye wafle places of Jerufaletn, for. the Lord -bath comforted his people, he hath redeemed Jerufalem. The conning of the Sunne comforteth him that fits in darkneffe; the comming of the Phyfitian comforts him that is oppreft with tiick- nef e, the comming of the ranfomer comforts him that i$ in bondage , the comming of Chriff in the Gofpell, like the comming of' the light comforts men withknowledge, I like the commingof Phyfitian,; with healing inhis wings, comforts men with fpirituall health, and like the comming of ICa,5 2;9.